20 July 2013

Hello Summer, You Beautiful Thing!


My plans for today consisted of a lie in and then lounging around in the garden in my bikini with a Malibu and Coke in hand but the sun hasn't shown it's face today yet (which is typical, the one day that I'm not spending 9-5 inside!) so I'm going to appease my need for some sun on my bones with a Summer wish list and hope that these pesky clouds disappear in the meantime!

We all need a good pair of sandals for the Summer months and I have fallen head over heels for these gold studded pair, a jelly shoe sandal hybrid I just love them! They're simple enough to wear in the day but detailed enough to be the talking point of a simple outfit, it's pay day on Monday and I don't doubt for a second that these will be coming home with me. An absolute summer staple is a pair of denim shorts, until I found this Topshop pair I'd been struggling to find a pair that weren't too bum cheek skimming but these are just that little bit longer and I feel a lot more comfortable wearing them out of the garden, I think that I'll be living in these while this little heat wave continues! I've been on the hunt for the perfect white summer dress, I definitely couldn't pull this dress off any other time of the year because I would be the same colour as the dress so I need to find one quick while I've got a bit of colour to me. I don't think anyone could say that Sunglasses weren't a summer staple, as soon as the sun comes out the sunnies go on, my eyes don't need any more damage so I've always got a pair in my bag to chuck on when it gets bright. I've got quite a round face so my go to style are cat eye which seems to flatter it the most and the high street have some amazing pairs out there at the minute. I definitely don't feel summer ready without some bright nails going on, the brighter the better! Especially when the sandals are on there's two sets of nails to make neon, this orange Topshop nail varnish ticks all the boxes but my most used colour at this time of year has to be Models own Hedonist. Swing dresses are having a bit of a moment right now and I overlooked them to start with because sometimes oversized clothing doesn't mix with my boobs and makes me look bigger than I am, do you feel my pain well endowed ladies?! But they look absolutely heavenly for these sticky days, loose and cool, one step up from wearing nothing at all! 

The sun is still in hiding so my Malibu and Coke is on hold, boohoo!

What is your summer wardrobe staple?

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  1. I love that white dress its so pretty <3 hope you have a great weekend x


    1. It would look amazing with a tan! Thank you :) I hope you do too! xx

  2. You've picked out some seriously pretty items! I especially love the sunglasses, very individual.

    Lindsey. x

  3. I need that purple dress! + I can't get enough of orange nails at the moment :) x



  4. It's the perfect summery shade! xx