30 June 2013


Dress   Zara
Bag   ASOS
Shoes   Zara via Ebay

First things first, apparently tomorrow is the day that Google Reader will be no more and if Google Friend Connect goes alongside that then please follow me on Bloglovin so you won't miss out on any posts or follow me on Twitter (@Jade_ylntxo) because I usually link them on there as well. If it is gone tomorrow then hopefully I'll see you all on the other side!

The last few weeks have been absolutely mental, first the house which is now 90% sorted and we're all settled in so life was starting to get peaceful again and then tomorrow crept up on me when I'm starting a new-ish job. I say new-ish because the company that I work for is merging with another company so it's not a brand spanking new job, I'll still be walking in the same doors, sitting at the same desk with (most of) the same people around me so it's not as scary as it could be but I still don't have a bloody clue what I'm doing! To bid adieu to our little work family me and my work pal and future sister in law Ria (she is Joel's brothers wife, a little fact for you there!) planned a night of fine dining and cocktails for us all. I got this dress from Zara a good month ago now especially for the occasion, I've been trying to buy bright recently as I realised I was getting a bit dull in the old wardrobe department. I love the colour of this and it has some power shoulders going on. I did think that I'd be able to wear this in the day and dress it down but it's quite a thick, stiff material so I don't know if I could pull it off in the day but it's definitely a contender for nights out from now on. I've wanted a bag this colour since I saw this picture of Lauren Conrad years ago but never found anything until ASOS stepped in and answered my prayers, it was also in the sale when I bought it so that was an added bonus. This was the first time that I'd used this clutch and I love it, it's roomy, has zip pockets and the separate pocket on the front of the bag is detachable, it's a poor mans Mulberry Willow! I finished the outfit off with a splash of leopard print in the form of my favourite shoes of the moment which I originally thought were really comfy but I can confirm that after 3 hours of dancing you will be crippled the next day.

 I hope that you're all making the most of the sun being out!

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26 June 2013

Midweek Wish List #10 eFoxcity Jewellery Special

1  2   3   4   5   6

I was recently introduced to the website eFoxcity, they're an online fashion wholesaler who supply to many boutiques worldwide. You could literally spend hours browsing this site, they sell women's clothing, men's clothing and more occasion wear than you can shake a stick at if you're after a prom dress, 2013 evening dresses or have bridesmaids to clothe on a tight budget, they even have gorgeous cheap bridal gowns 2013 appropriate as sometimes the style of cheaper dresses like these are a little questionable but they're definitely from this century! Also, a lot of their gowns are based on costumes from Gossip Girl and you all know that I love a bit of GG fashion, if I had a prom to go to or a ball of some sort then I would definitely be rocking up in a Blair or Serena inspired gown, plus the prices are so reasonable you don't even have to feel guilty that you'll probably never wear it again!

Clothing aside what impressed me the most was their jewellery selection, if you need a statement necklace that won't break the bank then this is the place for you! I've chosen a few of my favourite picks to show you but they have loads more colourful necklaces and cute earrings and bracelets. They also have a really good selection of rings but I didn't include any as I don't want to tease myself with them because I probably wouldn't get them on my sausage fingers!

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24 June 2013

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box


Oh hi there, remember me?! I'm finally feeling more in the real world and less in a place that strongly resembles the Ikea Market place and am writing this from my very own sofa in my very own house! We're starting to get sorted and I can officially confirm that living with a smelly boy isn't that bad but maybe ask me again in a few months!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not, why the devil not?! Jadehardyxo, my life through filters!) you might have seen that the postman brought me a very exciting parcel this morning, the Selfridges Festival Beauty Box, eek look at all my new things to play with. I'm not actually going to a festival this year but I can't resist a bargain, I paid £25 for this box and the contents is actually worth around £110, I would have been a fool not to proceed to checkout! Selfridges have released a few of these in the past, the most recent being the summer beauty box but unlike the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox, the element of surprise isn't there, you see what you get before you order which I think is a good thing because £25 is a lot to spend on something you're not sure that you'll even like. The brands and range of products in these beauty boxes are always amazing but the downside is that the box is limited edition and only available in limited numbers so you need to act fast! 

This is the contents of the box:

NPW Chubby Glitter Stick in Hottest Pink
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge
NPW Hand and Face Wipes
Colour Smash Hair Shadow in Je Ne Sais Quoi
Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist 150ml
BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Gloss in Moxie
Cowshed Antibacterial Hand Gel 50ml
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Navy Blue
Topshop Lip Crayon in Powder Room
Violent lips in The Warm Rainbow
Azature Nail Varnish in Champagne

...And breath, what a list! The Topshop Lip Crayon was what first caught my eye, I've never tried one of these before and it's such a lovely shade that I've seen some really nice swatches of. The BareMinerals Moxie Lipgloss is another absolutely gorgeous pink, I'm going to have the pinkest pout in Leicestershire after I've raided this box. I wouldn't have picked up the Illamasqua Liquid Metal myself as it looks a bit scary to a neutral eye lover like myself but after reading a few reviews it can also be used as a highlighter so I'll definitely be giving that a whirl. I love an eyeliner pen but have never got any more adventurous than black so this navy blue Eyeko Skinny Liner should be something a little different without straying too far out of my comfort zone. A little bit too far out of my comfort zone are the Violent Lips lip appliqu├ęs, I am curious to see how they work though so might have to try them out (for the sake of the blog, of course!) I saw that there was an Azature Nail Varnish worth around the same as a house?! I don't think it's this one but it's pretty and sparkly all the same.

If you like what you see click yourself over to the Selfridges website because I don't think that this box will be hanging around for long! 

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17 June 2013


Top  Primark
Skirt  Topshop
Shoes  Ebay

Between a near tan disaster, a lot of shots, ending up in a VIP area with some of the cast of TOWIE drinking Grey Goose, thinking it would be a good idea to sit outside at 5am with a pizza (it wasn't it was freezing) and the longest wait for McDonalds to stop selling breakfast ever, what a night!! 

I'd been looking for a pink skater skirt for what seems like ages and I thought they would be easier to come across, I finally found this one in Topshop and the picture doesn't do the colour of this skirt justice, it is BRIGHT. I would definitely describe it as a neon pink, no one would be able to loose you in this! I'd seen this crop top in quite a few Primark hauls but the polka dot version, I would say that around 40% of my wardrobe is made up of stripes, they entice me and my debit card it seems! I  got this top in a size 12 to accommodate my boobs because the material has no give in it at all but I do wish that I'd gone for a 10 as the top is really quite baggy and even with my generous chest area it's still quite long for a crop top. I finished the outfit off with my blue wedges simply because they are the comfiest heels that I own and I was planning on dancing the night away and Ciate Big Yellow Taxi on my nails.

Just a little lifestyle update for you, I'm writing this on Sunday while I have a spare half an hour and it will post tomorrow (Monday 17th) it seems like a very long time coming but tomorrow is the day that we'll finally be moving in to our little house! Sky are coming on Tuesday to install the internet and phone line so hopefully I should be back online by then but I still have a garage of flat pack to build and a few more trips to Ikea to make so I'll be very quiet over the next week, but please bare with me because as soon as the place looks liveable I will be back to my blogging self, I will try my best to make it worth your wait! I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend and next time that I post I will officially be a grown up in my own house, eek!

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15 June 2013

Essie In The Cab-Ana


I was watching a haul that Lily Pebbles had put up on YouTube recently but it wasn't her purchases that I was lusting after, it was her nails! After a bit of hunting I found out what it was and quicker than you can say 'In the Cab-ana' my bank account was a bit lighter and this was mine oh mine!

It is the most perfect vibrant summer blue, a real stand out colour that's sure to get you a lot of compliments. The formula is slightly different to the Essie varnishes I already own as is the brush and after reading a few reviews I think this is the old formula. I found it to be a bit thicker than what I'm used too with Essie but a couple of coats and a topcoat later you've got some near perfect nails! The brush is a lot thinner as well which some people might prefer but it really doesn't make a difference to me. I wore this for a good 4-5 days before I got some wear on the tips of my nails. I don't think that this is going to make it into the diffusion line so if you need it in your life Boots isn't the place to look! I got mine from Beauty Bay (the link is under the pics) and this shade is currently on sale for £7.82 with free delivery so you can't really afford not to! Hedonist has some competition for my top summer shade now I've discovered this little lovely.

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13 June 2013

Empties #2 | Repurchase?

Yes, it really has taken me this long to accumulate enough empty products for a half decent post (my last empties post was way back at the beginning of March!) There would be more than this if I could get into the hoarder frame of mind more easily but unfortunately they ended up in the bin, must try harder! So this is what I've got through in the last few months...

I got this travel size hairspray in a Glossybox a while back and Tresemme are more often than not the hairspray I pick up anyway. It's got a good hold and doesn't leave you with crispy, sticky hair. The full sized cans also last for ages which makes them well worth what you pay for them
Repurchase? Definitely!

I have never been so sad to see a primer run out, I absolutely love this stuff! It gives you such a glowing complexion, I would have re-bought this the second it stopped pumping if I wasn't trying to kerb my spending ways and also waiting to try out the new Benefit primer. I have no doubt that we'll be reunited before the summer is out though!
Repurchase? Hell yeah, 100% will be buying this again at some point!

My name is Jade Hardy and I am a mascara hussy. I swap from brand to brand, thickening to lengthening and although I really liked this mascara I'm still on the hunt for the one that will make me stay faithful. This lengthened and separated but dried out so quickly and I didn't use it any differently than I do other mascaras that have lasted twice the time this one did.
Repurchase? I probably wouldn't repurchase the Star version of this again but Doll Eyes is definitely next on my list.

This was a nice fluid black eyeliner pen with staying power that I'd never seen in a product like this before but application proved quite difficult with patchiness and rubbing off the black if you drew over an existing line, it definitely wasn't effortless.
Repurchase? £19.00 is far too much for me to spend on an eyeliner pen seeing as I get through them like water. There's drugstore brands that do just as good a job (if not better) for a fraction of that price.

This product is an every day staple for me, it's so easy to dispense and apply. As soon as it's on my face my whole complexion is brightened. Late night, what late night?!
Repurchase? This wasn't my first and I'm already on my next!

The first time I tried this was when I took a travel size version to Ibiza with me last summer but I was disappointed and blamed it on the hot weather making my make up fall off my face at every opportunity but unfortunately when I got to try this again in the depths of winter I still felt the same, am I the only person who doesn't get along with this?! It's a nice enough mascara and I love the brush, the way it's shaped makes applying to bottom lashes a dream but I really wasn't wowed.
Repurchase? I wouldn't go out of my way to use this again, I'm still on the hunt for my holy grail mascara.

I had a few issues with this highlighting the tiniest bit of dry skin on my face and making it look a lot worse instead of covering it. I found the finish to be quite matte and the coverage was buildable. The scent was a little strong at first but nothing that you don't get used too and it could feel a bit suffocating on the skin at times but it was a very even coverage and soon disguised any blemishes or signs of uneven skintone.
Repurchase? I may well do in the future but I'll try a few other brands and types before I revisit.

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11 June 2013

MAC Flamingo Lipstick

(This is a very heavy swatch!)
MAC, Flamingo £14.00

I hope that you like a MAC lipstick ladies as I've got quite a back log to feature, I apologise in advance to all of you none lippy lovers (do these people even exist?!) I bang on about my love for peach and coral lips enough so when I heard about the MAC all about orange collection I couldn't be more excited for a launch, I will even admit to being sad enough to refresh the page every 15 minutes or so in anticipation! I picked up this shade Flamingo and Sushi Kiss although I am so tempted to make another purchase of Sweet and Sour. 

Flamingo is described as a 'light milky bright coral' which is a pretty good description although I would say that it sways more towards a pink coral than an orange one. It's a lustre formula which I've never tried before so didn't quite know what to expect. The formula is a lot more sheer than I thought it would be and If I'm 100% honest with you I was slightly disappointed with the strength of the colour, I did think it would be just a little bit more pigmented. If you're scared of a bright lip then this would be perfect for you because it's a lovely subtle coral and reminds me of a toned down Betty Bright. The colour takes a bit of building up but leaves a nice glossy finish and the wear time is quite good for such a moisturising formula. Unfortunately if you want to get your hands on Flamingo it's sold out on the MAC website as well as all the department store websites but maybe if you hot trot it to a MAC counter you can still come home with one. If you're after an easy to wear coral that isn't too bright and bold but still looks gorgeous then this is your shade!

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9 June 2013


Top  Topshop
Jeans  Topshop
Jacket  New Look
Scarf  Alexander McQueen
Bag  Mulberry

I was having a little rummage in my blog folder, trying to shape it into some sort of order and came across this outfit that I never got round to posting (probably because I couldn't find it!) This is from my Valentines weekend with Joel when we went shopping in Nottingham the day after a night full of Italian food and cocktails. When I've got money to spend shopping is like a serious sport, I need to be comfortable so flats are a must and I need to be able to actually see where I'm going and what I'm picking up meaning that I can't go on a serious spree without my specs on. This is just a really simple, neutral coloured outfit that I added a bit of colour to by chucking on a bright scarf. You also can't see very well (or at all - Joel's photography again!) but these jeans are covered in tiny white polka dots and I always that think they give a plain outfit a bit of interest. So here you have it, a three month old outfit that lived to see the light of my little blog after being salvaged from the archives! 

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8 June 2013

June Glossybox 2013

I knew I was due a disappointing Glossybox sometime soon after the last few have been amazing and here it is! The theme was welcoming the start of Summer and unfortunately I don't think that this box captures Summer at all, boo!! There's only one product that I'm truly excited to use and two out of five I'm going to be passing on but enough of the moaning and without further ado this is what I received:

Monu Professional Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser SPF 15
This is packed full of sun damage preventing ingredients which we all know are especially vital at this time of year to incorporate into your skincare routine. I've received Monu in beauty boxes a couple of times now and have loved every product from them so far!

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse OR
Now this is what I cannot wait to try out! I've never used a NUXE product before but have seen review after glowing review. This is a multi purpose dry oil and can be used on your face, body and hair and the golden particles give a lovely subtle bronze shimmer.

Helen E Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Powder in Shade 14
The shade I received is a dark almost black grey, not a colour I would associate with summer at all. There was a variation of shades so I think I just got the short straw, maybe the other colours were a bit lighter. I'll be passing this on because it's not my colour at all, I'm much more of a neutral girl.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Long Lasting Nail Gloss in Shade Wild
I love receiving nail varnishes in beauty boxes because sometimes you get a colour you would never think of buying yourself and end up loving it but not this shade. Again, it's a dark colour that I wouldn't wear when the sun is shining. I'm not adverse to a vampy purple in the colder months but this is a strange one, it just reminds me of something you would have got as a free gift in Girl Talk in the early nineties!

Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Multi-Tasking Lip Balm
These little tubes always come in handy and as this one can also be used on cuticles, elbows, knees and unruly eyebrows it will definitely be useful. I know beautiful soft lips are great to have all year round but I find myself reaching for my lip balms a lot more in the winter. I've searched the packaging everywhere and I can't seem to spot any SPF which I think would probably make it more summer relevant because I know that when it's super hot it makes lips suffer.

So this wasn't the bright, bronzed, SPF filled box that I first thought that this months would be and even the little chocolate didn't sweeten deal. Roll on the July box! 

I've recently reached 200 GFC followers (hello you lovely new faces!) so thank you everyone for all the lovely comments and time you've took to read through all of my blabbering posts! I've still got a blog sale going on here so if you see anything you like then please get in contact and make me an offer before they go in a charity bag!

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7 June 2013

I'm Loving Everything Heart Print!

Dress  Shoes ♥ Shirt ♥ Phone Case ♥ Jeans ♥ Make up Bag

I love a cute quirky print, animals, birds, fruit, stars - you name it and it's probably in my wardrobe. Heart print is by far my favourite and it seems like the high street has answered my prayers because at the minute it's inundated with it! The Topshop jeans and shirt are definitely on my pay day wish list and there's a cheeky pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes in there too for the lust list.

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5 June 2013

Midweek wishlist #9

1 2 3 4 

1. Peach and coral lip colours are my downfall when it comes to restraining my spending, so imagine how horrified my bank balance was when it got wind of the MAC All About Orange collection. I may have already made a cheeky purchase of Flamingo and Sushi Kiss but after swatch stalking I have definitely over looked Sweet and Sour and as these three sold out the same day as it launched online I'm going to have to wait for Debenhams and Selfridges to pick up the collection so I can get the one that got away! 

2. I have yet to see a beauty blogger who doesn't love Real Techniques brushes and as these are my go to brushes I can see why. This duo fibre set is made up of a face brush, contour brush and eye brush plus the fact they're limited edition and there are already so many rave reviews my face needs them.

3. Where, oh where can I get Illamasqua rude from?! It seems to have been sold out on the website forever and I keep torturing myself by Google imaging swatches! I have wanted this cream blush for so long and as soon as it's back in stock (if it's ever back in stock, boohoo!) I will be making a swift purchase.

4. Oops, another peachy lip product. I really do need to pick one of these up but my Topshop only stocks a handful of nail varnishes, grrr!!

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3 June 2013

MAC Chatterbox Lipstick


Oh hi there new favourite lipstick! This has been on my lust list for quite a while now but when it came to actually taking it home with me I got blinded by swatches and bought Costa Chic instead and since then have been trying to convince myself that I don't need another lipstick whilst trying to get Chatterbox out of my head. When a Debenhams 10% off came around I had a rethink, do I really need another lipstick in my life? Hell yeah I do!! 

Chatterbox is described as a 'bright red pink' on the MAC website which I couldn't disagree with more, it's more of a dusky rose pink and although it definitely gives you a noticeably pink pout bright isn't the word I'd use. It's the perfect toned down pink that would be great for wearing in the day to give your lips a bit of colour which is exactly what I was looking for. The finish is amplified creme and if I could just take this off to reapply it again all day long I would, the application is beyond perfection. Smooth, creamy, moisturising and long lasting. The pigmentation is amazing, after only one swipe the colour is full on and although it leaves a glossy finish this isn't budging for a good few hours. I wore this to work and forgot to pop it in my bag before I left and four hours later there was still a tint of it from where it had stained my lips. I really do love everything about this colour and finish, it's definitely going to be my go to daytime shade from now on! 

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2 June 2013

BLOG SALE!! | Topshop, Lipsy, ASOS, Primark, New Look, H&M and more!

Image from Weheartit & edited by me

I'm moving out in 2 weeks time and I had to choose between taking all of my clothes with me or taking my boyfriend, it took a lot of deliberation but I decided the clothes won't help me pay the bills or make my dinner so I'm hoping you lovely lot will give these a good home!

♥ Postage is £3 for most items but a few of the heavier, bulkier ones are £5
♥ Once these leave my grubby little mitts I don't want them back so unfortunately I won't accept returns
♥ I will obtain proof of postage but if they go missing en route (hopefully not!) I won't take responsibility for it
♥ It would be wonderful if I could have payment within 24 hours so I can get it out to you ASAP, if I don't receive payment in that time then it's up for grabs again
♥ Pretty please send your payment via Paypal as a gift so there's no pesky charges
♥ Uk only I'm afraid as it took me long enough to get my head around these postage charges
♥ If you see something that you want then leave a comment telling me what and your email address or email me directly at youlooknicetodayxo@gmail.com and we'll take it from there

(This is a very picture heavy post, I'm sorry!!)

Topshop bird print shorts, size 10 - £12 plus £3 p+p
Primark multicoloured jumper, size 10 - £5 plus £3 p+p

H&M paisley print skater dress, size 12 - £14 plus £3 p+p
Topshop floral dress, size 10 - £12 plus £ p+p

Glamorous black disco pants, size 10 never worn - £15 plus £3 p+p

Topshop bodycon dress, size 10 never worn - £8 plus £3 p+p

Lipsy harlequin print dress, size 10 £15 - plus £5 p+p
New Look cherry print tie blouse, size 10 - £6 plus £3 p+p

Topshop sequin dress, size 10 never worn - £30 plus £5 p+p

Forever 21 Minnie Mouse cardigan, size M - £10 + £3 p+p
New Look sequin dress, size 10 - £10 + £5 p+p

George polka dot trousers never worn, size 10 - £7 plus £3 p+p

Primark lemon print dress, size 10 - £8 plus £3 p+p
Primark leather shorts, size 10 - £7 plus £3 p+p

H&M maxi dress never worn, size 12 - £14 plus £3 p+p
Topshop playsuit, size 10 - £12 plus £3 p+p

Topshop high waisted shorts never worn, size 10 - £10 plus £3 p+p

Topshop lace dress, size 10 - £12 plus £3 p+p
River Island navy polka dot shorts with bow belt, size 10 - £8 plus £3 p+p

Primark bird print dress never worn, size 12 - £8 plus £3 p+p

Primark ditsy print dress, size 10 - £5 plus £3 p+p
Forever 21 navy pleat top/dress, size S - £7 plus £3 p+p

New Look sequin skirt, size 10 - £7 plus £3 p+p
Primark furry striped jumper/jumper dress, size 10 - £6 plus £3 p+p

Topshop ditsy print playsuit with detachable straps never worn, size 12 - £15 plus £3 p+p

Topshop brown felt trousers, size 10 - £10 plus £3 p+p

Primark button up dress, size 12 - £5 plus £3 p+p
Topshop high waisted indigo jeans, W28 L32 - £7 plus £3 p+p

Topshop fur cape never worn, one size - £14 plus £5 p+p

ASOS blue dress, size 10 - £10 plus £3 p+p
Primark sheer top, size 12 - £4 plus £3 p+p
Topshop multicoloured polka dot skirt, size 10 - £7 plus £3 p+p

If you have any questions about sizing or want any additional pictures please get in contact! 

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