24 June 2013

Selfridges Festival Beauty Box


Oh hi there, remember me?! I'm finally feeling more in the real world and less in a place that strongly resembles the Ikea Market place and am writing this from my very own sofa in my very own house! We're starting to get sorted and I can officially confirm that living with a smelly boy isn't that bad but maybe ask me again in a few months!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if not, why the devil not?! Jadehardyxo, my life through filters!) you might have seen that the postman brought me a very exciting parcel this morning, the Selfridges Festival Beauty Box, eek look at all my new things to play with. I'm not actually going to a festival this year but I can't resist a bargain, I paid £25 for this box and the contents is actually worth around £110, I would have been a fool not to proceed to checkout! Selfridges have released a few of these in the past, the most recent being the summer beauty box but unlike the likes of Glossybox and Birchbox, the element of surprise isn't there, you see what you get before you order which I think is a good thing because £25 is a lot to spend on something you're not sure that you'll even like. The brands and range of products in these beauty boxes are always amazing but the downside is that the box is limited edition and only available in limited numbers so you need to act fast! 

This is the contents of the box:

NPW Chubby Glitter Stick in Hottest Pink
Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge
NPW Hand and Face Wipes
Colour Smash Hair Shadow in Je Ne Sais Quoi
Sol de Janeiro Coconut Water Cooling Mist 150ml
BareMinerals Pretty Amazing Lip Gloss in Moxie
Cowshed Antibacterial Hand Gel 50ml
Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Navy Blue
Topshop Lip Crayon in Powder Room
Violent lips in The Warm Rainbow
Azature Nail Varnish in Champagne

...And breath, what a list! The Topshop Lip Crayon was what first caught my eye, I've never tried one of these before and it's such a lovely shade that I've seen some really nice swatches of. The BareMinerals Moxie Lipgloss is another absolutely gorgeous pink, I'm going to have the pinkest pout in Leicestershire after I've raided this box. I wouldn't have picked up the Illamasqua Liquid Metal myself as it looks a bit scary to a neutral eye lover like myself but after reading a few reviews it can also be used as a highlighter so I'll definitely be giving that a whirl. I love an eyeliner pen but have never got any more adventurous than black so this navy blue Eyeko Skinny Liner should be something a little different without straying too far out of my comfort zone. A little bit too far out of my comfort zone are the Violent Lips lip appliqués, I am curious to see how they work though so might have to try them out (for the sake of the blog, of course!) I saw that there was an Azature Nail Varnish worth around the same as a house?! I don't think it's this one but it's pretty and sparkly all the same.

If you like what you see click yourself over to the Selfridges website because I don't think that this box will be hanging around for long! 

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  1. Great post, love all of the products in this box!
    Will hopefully purchase asap! :)


    1. I hope that you ended up buying one :) xx

  2. What an amazing price for all of these products, extremely tempted now! x


    1. £25 for this little lot? It would be rude not too! xx

  3. Great post
    I love playing around with new products
    so will have to purchase one of these
    Rachel XX


    1. These types of boxes are such good value for money and you get to try things that you wouldn't have necessarily bought your self, it's win win! xx

  4. I've been wanting to try the Topshop lip crayons for so long. Would love to read a review on some of the products. Definitely curious about the lip transfers!

    Heather xx


    1. Me too, I have definitely not been disappointed by it! There are some in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled ;) xx

  5. I want one! great post :) following you now, check out my blog? :)



  6. I completely agree with you in regards to glossybox and birchbox, at least you know what you are getting for your money!

    Just started following you, love your blog :)


    1. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you like it! xx