26 June 2013

Midweek Wish List #10 eFoxcity Jewellery Special

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I was recently introduced to the website eFoxcity, they're an online fashion wholesaler who supply to many boutiques worldwide. You could literally spend hours browsing this site, they sell women's clothing, men's clothing and more occasion wear than you can shake a stick at if you're after a prom dress, 2013 evening dresses or have bridesmaids to clothe on a tight budget, they even have gorgeous cheap bridal gowns 2013 appropriate as sometimes the style of cheaper dresses like these are a little questionable but they're definitely from this century! Also, a lot of their gowns are based on costumes from Gossip Girl and you all know that I love a bit of GG fashion, if I had a prom to go to or a ball of some sort then I would definitely be rocking up in a Blair or Serena inspired gown, plus the prices are so reasonable you don't even have to feel guilty that you'll probably never wear it again!

Clothing aside what impressed me the most was their jewellery selection, if you need a statement necklace that won't break the bank then this is the place for you! I've chosen a few of my favourite picks to show you but they have loads more colourful necklaces and cute earrings and bracelets. They also have a really good selection of rings but I didn't include any as I don't want to tease myself with them because I probably wouldn't get them on my sausage fingers!

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  1. ooo these are all lovely but i think i like the first one best.



    1. Too much loveliness too choose from! xx

  2. such a pretty and summery jewellery pieces;)Xlove it


    1. They are very summer fitting all the bright colours xx