30 April 2013

Monthly Favourites | April 2013

Well it's that time of the month again, the one where we all wonder where the hell this year is going! At least it's heading in the direction of lighter nights and warmer days.

This month has been full of Birthday celebrations, illness and a hell of a lot of overtime so I don't think I would have managed to looked human without the help of Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat and I don't know if you can see very well but I got my hands on the limited edition collectors packaging which is covered in what looks like water droplets and was inspired by a crystal covered couture gown from the 1960's. Another thing that I couldn't have hid my sleepless nights without was Benefit Fake Up I've got a more thorough review of this to come in due course but just let me say, love, love, LOVE, goodbye creased concealer forever! I've finally joined the Bioderma club and I couldn't have caved at a better time because this month my make up has been on a lot longer than I should probably admit... I haven't seen any major difference in the condition of my skin since I've started using it but I'm just thankful for something that removes my make up so easily and leaves my face so squeaky clean. I don't know about you but I can't go on a night out without a bit of colour so when my friends got me this SiennaX Self Tan for my birthday I couldn't wait to bronze myself up! I would say that calling this dark tan is a bit misleading, after one application it was a nice golden colour but it's definitely buildable. Also, a word of warning, if you want to slap some of this on and pop down to the shops, the guide colour is very (very, very, VERY) dark, I was quite worried when I first woke up and saw myself but most of it does come off in the shower, phew!! I seriously don't know how I applied my make up before the Real Techniques Stippling Brush came into my life, my base has never looked so flawless, it's also opened a whole world of cream blush to me as I never quite got the hang of applying them but I don't think this brush could possibly make anything not look perfect. MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen Lipglass has not been far from my lips this April, I really don't like lipgloss but I really do love this, it's not thick or sticky and it's effortless to apply with a lovely natural colour and shine. As you might have seen in my Birthday haul I have finally been reunited with my beloved Enrapture Totem Styler which has taken the toll on my poor hair so this Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash is a god send, it's gentle and minimises damages as you don't need to pull the brush through so roughly, also it's brilliant at making sure that your conditioner is coating every single strand of hair on that pretty little head of yours!

What have you not been able to live without this month?

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28 April 2013

Style Crush Sunday | Gossip Girl Season 1


The next six Style Crush Sundays are being commandeered as we revisit Gossip Girl styles past (can anyone guess what I'm re-watching?)! Season one is not my favourite season for style but I would still definitely raid their wardrobes given the chance. Serena had much more of a Kate Moss boho vibe going on back then and boy does she love a gilet/waistcoat?! Season one was when Blair was Queen B and terrorised the steps of the Met in her brightly coloured tights and never ending array of headbands. It almost makes me want to go back to school with all these stylish uniforms!

Cast your mind back, what's your favourite style moments from season one?

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24 April 2013

Midweek Wish List #7

1 ♥ 2  3  4  5

1. The sun has finally got his hat on so it's time to kick off those boots and wear some pretty little pumps without your feet freezing or getting soggy and I think these Zara shoes are the perfect pair to kick off the Spring with.

2. The picture really doesn't do this dress any justice, I saw it in store at the weekend and fell in love a little bit, I just wish I had an occasion to wear it so I have an excuse to buy it but I don't boohoo!! It's beautiful, feminine and dainty and surprisingly for such a strappy dress I think it would accommodate us bigger boobed ladies!

3. Ciate can't stop firing out these new innovative nail sets can they?! This time it's blackboard nails and I don't think that you can get more fun than that. The set is exclusive to Selfridges right now but I'm hoping ASOS pick them up while I still have my Birthday 10% off!.

4. As a complete and utter sucker for any novelty angle, two nail varnishes in a tiny shoe box with a tiny shoe bag is something I won't be able to resist. NARS has teamed up with shoe designer Pierre Hardy for these adorable little sets, there's six pairs (one being exclusive to the NARS website and counters) so there's something for everyone.

5. My High Beam needs a break and I think the only thing to relieve it from it's duties is MAC lustre drops, I've been eyeing up pink rebel for a couple of weeks now and after reading review after review I'm currently in the kidding myself stage of 'It's too expensive, I don't need it, think of what I could buy for the house' but we all know that it will be mine when whichever is happens first - a Debenhams discount code or pay day!

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22 April 2013

Birthday Haul and Celebrations!


My Birthday seems like a long distant memory now and this post was de-railed by the arrival of this months wonderful Glossybox but better late than never right?! I was a very lucky and spoilt girl this birthday and by the looks of it most people turned to my wishlists for gift inspiration! The Bioderma was actually a gift from me, to me but I had to sneak it in here somewhere. My mum got me a couple of things from Origins (Never a Dull Moment and VitaZing) and the box it all came in was a like a lucky dip, pulling out sample after sample, I was loving it! Along with my full size items I also got samples of Modern Friction, Ginzing, Brighter by Nature, A Perfect World moisturiser, a sachet of Mega-Bright and a deluxe sample of Checks and Balances, phew, What a list! I think that Origins usually have some good offers on receiving samples if you buy a certain product or spend a certain amount so it might be worth signing up to their emails as I get all the sample know how to my inbox. I also got some MAC, Benefit and YSL goodies along with a few Real Techniques brushes. My best friend was making sure that I'm BBQ ready with wine glasses and a cocktail jug and thank god for Joel's mum and dad replacing my Enrapture styler because my hair needed its oomph back! My lovely Joel was obviously fed up of me moaning about my knotty hair and dropping my phone as I am now the owner of a shower Tangle Teezer and the most beautiful Mulberry phone case but now I'm going to wave goodbye to any shred of social life I have because Gossip Girl season 6 awaits!! 

Enough with the presents and on with the celebrations! Unfortunately I felt horrendous because I'd caught a stupid cold but with that aside I started the day with a champagne breakfast, a bit of a Boots browse, then my best friend Beth came over to bully me into drinking blackberry vinegar (Absolutely FOUL!!!) and then another one of my lovely friends held a little bit of a tea party for me with cakes and one my favourite dinners (lasagne, chips and garlic bread, yummy) and an early night for the germ riddled Birthday Girl! I got the chance to put all my new make up to the test for a Saturday night round Loughborough (My outfit of the night is up here) and spent Sunday not feeling my best on the sofa wrapped up in a blanket watching Gossip Girl. So that's it for 2012's birthday - champagne, cake, a hangover and another year older!!

If your birthday is coming up soon, what's on your wishlist?

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19 April 2013

April Glossybox 2013


I did have a birthday haul post planned for today but when I discovered that this had been delivered when I got home from work (complete with slug attached) how could I not share such a fabulous box?! This months Glossybox is perfect inside and out, the Spring fever themed box was designed by Pearl Lowe (the beautiful Daisy Lowes mum) and I could not love it more, the print is gorgeous, I can't wait to get it on display somewhere! I was already a happy bunny just with the look of the box but then when I saw what was inside I was even happier, all I can say is: Best. Box. EVER! And this is why...

Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy - This doesn't actually launch in store and online until April 29th so it's an exclusive to all Glossybox subscribers which is exciting!! The tube is super, super cute and although the smell isn't really my cup of tea it leaves my hands silky soft and sinks into the skin really well, a definite addition to my handbag!

Nip+Fab Dry Skin Fix Body Butter in Postachio Sundae - This body butter is an alarming bright green colour but oh my god, THE SMELL!!!!!!! I haven't even used this yet but I know already that it's a definite re-buy so I can smell this delicious for the rest of my life.

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Torment - Eeeeeeek, hello Illamasqua! I was so excited to see this brand in my box this month. This is something I would never buy myself but it's nice to be able to try, it's a pencil for lips, eyes and brows. The colour I got was Torment which looked like a rose pink but once swatched it's quite a bit darker than I expected, I don't think I'll be using this on my brows any time soon but I will definitely find a way to incorporate it into my make up somehow.

Yves Rocher France So Elixer Purple Yves Rocher Eau de Parfum - I wish I had taken a picture of the dinky bottle this came in because it is adorable but my dinner was in the oven and a Gossip Girl marathon was imminent (When the boys away Chuck Bass comes out to play!) I wouldn't trust this in my bag as the lid isn't very secure. It's not my usual sickly sweet scent but I do actually really like it so it will have a place on my dressing table to look cute and dab on when I'm in the mood for something a bit more floral.

Essie Nail Lacquer in We're in it Together - Something else very exciting nestled in all that annoying black shredded paper, a full size Essie nail varnish!! The shade I received was from the Breast Cancer Awareness collection which I couldn't support more. It's a pale glittery pink which I would never pick myself but I've got nothing like it already and it's nice to have a bit of variety in your collection!

Glossybox is going to struggle to outdo this baby, did you receive something different in your box this month?

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17 April 2013

I Don't Know About You But I'm Feeling 22! | Birthday OOTN #6

Dress  Topshop
Shoes  Zara
Bag  Primark

You can call off the search party, I'm back!! I was back to work as of today so my birthday celebrations are officially over boohoo! I've had a lovely long weekend and I've got a little birthday haul post planned for later on in the week.

I went out to celebrate being one year older with a few of my friends and the only dress that was fit for the occasion was the Topshop dress from a couple of wish lists ago (this one here) and in true Jade Hardy style I'd had it for a good week or so before I actually tried it on (the day before I was going out) and found that it was completely see through and my boobs were making a bid for freedom. More bras than La senza later and my wonderful best friend saving the day with a nude slip to save my modesty and the dress was salvaged! I bloody love the cute little pearly cat ears that are everywhere at the minute and when better to wear a pair than on your birthday?! I'll probably never wear them again other than to scrape my hair off my face at home so I couldn't justify a Topshop pair but Ebay didn't fail me. A last minute addition was the studded Primark clutch, I thought I needed something to tone down the girly pinkness and there are my trusy Zara shoes again, I bet you're sick of seeing them! I've never been compared to a stick of rock so much before on a night out!!

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11 April 2013

If Money Were No Object... | Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats

Hands up who has a mental list of what they'd buy if they won the lottery or came into a substantial amount of money? I think that's about all of you! I spend quite a lot of my time daydreaming about things I wish I could afford and top of my list are these little beauties. Can you get any cuter than these?! They've graced the foot of many a celeb so I'd be in good company if I managed to stumble across the £465 it would cost to own a pair. Thank god for the high street dupes that are around but I would love to swap my Missguided pair for the real deal. Sigh, a girl can dream!

It's my birthday tomorrow so if I go MIA for a few days I'm hopefully either horrendously hungover or trapped under a humongous pile of presents!

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9 April 2013

Social Media Overhaul!

Image credit - Weheartit

Social media platforms are a big way of getting your blog out there and meeting new bloggy friends and I have to admit, I'm absolutely rubbish at it! I hardly ever tweet and I only look at facebook to be nosey or if I've been tagged in a picture although I have found a new love for Instagram. After the whole GFC fiasco I thought that I better book my ideas up so here is a (somewhat boring) post on how and where you can find me and keep up with new posts!

As far as I'm aware Google Friend Connect and Google Reader are two completely separate things so those lovely little faces to the right aren't going anywhere and if you want to join them you can here!

I've set up a new Twitter account especially for all blog and beauty related chit chat. Most of my friends that follow me on my usual account have no idea what #bbloggers, #fbloggers or #lbloggers mean so I feel bad clogging up their feed with blog updates and at #bbloggers chat o'clock but now I can tweet to my little hearts content! I literally have zero followers so please help me stop looking like such a loser by following me here.

You can also find me on Bloglovin' here which I've found myself using a hell of a lot more now I've found there's an app for it!

Along with my lonely twitter I have set up a new Facebook page where you can like my little blog if you wish here :)

If you like pictures of make up and dogs then you can follow me on Instagram here and I can promise plenty of that!

And as well as all of that you can also find me over at She Said Beauty, Pinterest and of course you can do it the old fashioned way and email me at youlooknicetodayxo@gmail.com.

If you've read this far, I'm impressed!! All of my social media icons are over on the right somewhere and as you can see below I've added a new footer with a few of the links on there so I'm not going to let you forget them that easily! Thanks for sticking with me through this technologically filled post and thank you even more if you already follow me with any of them, I love you!! Do you find that being active on social media platforms helps your blog?

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7 April 2013

Style Crush Sunday | Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, queen of the shirt and skinnies combo, perfect beachy waves and a flawless flick of eyeliner. If you were a keen follower of The Hills (guilty as charged) you can't tell me that you didn't want to move to LA and be LC's best friend! The girl can rock a skinny jean, that's for sure and I actually think that I prefer her off duty look to her red carpet looks. She knows what suits her and keeps her outfits, make up and hair quite simple but still manages to look stunning. Her style and beauty books have become somewhat of a bible to us make up loving, fashion following girlies so she must be doing something right. My all time favourite Lauren look is when she went to Heidi and Spencer's wedding in a gorgeous blue dress (It's so much of a favourite that I completely forgot to include it in the collages!!) 


Simple outfit, to die for bag, flawless hair, classic Conrad! Would you like to raid Lauren's wardrobe?!

3 April 2013

Midweek Wish List #6


1. I've never had a YSL nail varnish before and this needs to be my first. Not only is it practically named after me but it's such a unique colour, exactly what my collection needs!

2. I'm on the look out for my go to spring lip colour and Costa Chic looks like the perfect coral shade that I can wear during the day.

3. I've been dying to try a NARS Multiple for ages now and I'm torn between a couple of shades. I'm really loving glowy, highlighted skin at the minute and in the swatches I've seen it makes skin look gorgeous!

4. I'm such a sucker for anything with a little tree on it that is this shade of pink, I've literally had my iPhone for a few weeks and I've already scratched the screen (I am so clumsy and hadn't had chance to put a screen protector on yet boohoo) so I think that this is pretty much a necessity, don't you?!

5. I've been cursed with the eyesight of a mole and I think that it's only fair that I have a fabulous pair of glasses to compensate for that. If they're good enough for Katy Perry (see here) then they are more than good enough for me!

1 April 2013


Top - New Look ♥ Skirt - Topshop ♥ Shoes - Primark ♥ Bag - ASOS ♥ Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nails ♥ Topshop Mannequin & Ciate Candy Shop Caviar Beads

I'm currently writing this from my bed, in my onesie, with a headache, feeling slightly sick but at the same time craving the kind of food that will take me up a dress size by just looking at it. What a typical bank holiday feeling! This is a very poor excuse of an outfit picture, me in Varsity toilets (classy lady) but I'm going to roll with it! This night out crept up on me and I had to mentally throw together a few things before actually throwing them in the car and hoping they were clean and looked alright. I've had this skirt for ages now and I've only ever worn it once in Ibiza in the summer so I thought it was due an outing and because the skirt is so bright I tried to keep the rest of the colours quite neutral. I'm a bit slack on the old top front and it was a struggle to find something to wear with this but I think it ended up looking okay, the only thing that gets me down about baggy fitting tops and big boobs is that it makes your top half look a lot bigger than it is but hopefully the pinched in waist remedied that a bit, god damn you boobs!! I was going for understated nails as well but then I rediscovered the Ciate Caviar Beads that I got in my Ciate advent calendar and put it on a couple of nails to make them look less plain and add a subtle bit of colour, surprisingly these lasted the whole night compared to the other few times I've had them on and most of the beads have scraped off just leaving silver within a couple of hours (That is probably down to me though and the fact I just can't stop touching them). My going out make up doesn't really vary very much and it's pretty similar to my day make up just a bit heavier. I'd had a few glasses of wine by this point so the pout was out! Lashings of black eyeliner winged out, big lashes and a nice lip colour are my staples, I probably should be a bit more adventurous with my make up but if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Enjoy your last afternoon of freedom because it's back to work tomorrow boohoo!