24 April 2013

Midweek Wish List #7

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1. The sun has finally got his hat on so it's time to kick off those boots and wear some pretty little pumps without your feet freezing or getting soggy and I think these Zara shoes are the perfect pair to kick off the Spring with.

2. The picture really doesn't do this dress any justice, I saw it in store at the weekend and fell in love a little bit, I just wish I had an occasion to wear it so I have an excuse to buy it but I don't boohoo!! It's beautiful, feminine and dainty and surprisingly for such a strappy dress I think it would accommodate us bigger boobed ladies!

3. Ciate can't stop firing out these new innovative nail sets can they?! This time it's blackboard nails and I don't think that you can get more fun than that. The set is exclusive to Selfridges right now but I'm hoping ASOS pick them up while I still have my Birthday 10% off!.

4. As a complete and utter sucker for any novelty angle, two nail varnishes in a tiny shoe box with a tiny shoe bag is something I won't be able to resist. NARS has teamed up with shoe designer Pierre Hardy for these adorable little sets, there's six pairs (one being exclusive to the NARS website and counters) so there's something for everyone.

5. My High Beam needs a break and I think the only thing to relieve it from it's duties is MAC lustre drops, I've been eyeing up pink rebel for a couple of weeks now and after reading review after review I'm currently in the kidding myself stage of 'It's too expensive, I don't need it, think of what I could buy for the house' but we all know that it will be mine when whichever is happens first - a Debenhams discount code or pay day!

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  1. I love the idea of blackboard nails!! Lovely post :) x