30 July 2014

Kourtney Kardashian, I Want To Be You!!

Kim is meant to be the queen of the Kardashian sisters but I can't get enough of Kourtney and her amazing wardrobe right now. I think that everything I've bought at the minute has been inspired by a picture I've seen of her on Pinterest. She's a girl after my own heart and loves a pair of jeans paired with a shirt and has the best off duty style that would make nipping down to Asda look almost glamorous. Now she's preggo with child number three we're going to start seeing that maternity style that she does so well and it's not unusual to see her in flats out with her gorgeous kiddies and I love that about her. I really need to reign this style crush in because my bank account is not thanking me for it! 

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26 July 2014

Another Body Shop Haul!

Can't you tell that we're in the midst of a heatwave?! I've taken my photography into the great outdoors for the first time ever and keeping with the summery theme I'm writing this in the garden with an ice cream that, yes I have managed to spill down myself already - typing and eating is obviously a skill I haven't mastered yet! I've been desperate to place a Body Shop order for ages now because I needed to stock up on a couple of bits and there were a few things that I wanted to try but I do find them quite pricey so I've been waiting patiently by my inbox for the £25 off £50 discount code that they pull out of the bag every so often. And as you might be able to tell by this haul that email finally came, yay!

I had the Vitamin E Facial Oil that was meant to be a sort of pre-moisturizer and although it did wonders for my skin I found it quite heavy so this time I've gone for the Vitamin E Overnight Serum that will hopefully do all of the same wonders but while I'm sleeping. I've used this every night since I got it and I can't believe how quickly it absorbs into the skin - don't worry about it leaving greasy marks on your pillow because it doesn't stick around long enough! The Camomile Eye Makeup remover is a repurchase and I still love it, I love my eyeliner and mascara and this is the only thing that takes it off completely, there are no panda eyes going on when I get up in the morning with this bad boy! I'm not going to go over these two in too much detail because they'll be getting seperate posts but I've been using the Camomile cleanser with the Facial Brush and my face has never been so clean or glowing, they are honestly the dream team and the Shimmer Cube is something I've seen on a few face of the day posts and every single cube is such a gorgeous shade, watch this space for swatches but I'm warning you - you will fall in love!

The Coconut Body Milk is another re-buy, I am a coconut fiend in all seasons but especially in the summer, this is my go to in the mornings before work when I haven't got time to mess around all you do is spritz and go, you couldn't get anything more perfect for a lazy girl like me! I've seen so many good things about the Honey & Oat Mask so it's been something that I've really wanted to try and now I have it in my grubby little paws I see why it's spoken of so highly, I didn't realise how dull my skin must have been looking until I gave it a good polish with this and revealed a new radiant me, Even Joel has had a go! I was in desperate need of a new day moisturizer so I went for the newest addition to the vitamin E range which is perfect in this weather because it's cooling which I think we're all in need of! It's a strange consistency to get used too, almost lumpy but that soon absorbs and the smell isn't for me, I've been using it for a week or so now and the jury is still out on whether I like it or not but I'm going to persevere. Last but not least is the Facial Brush and I was suprised how teeny tiny it is but it really does get in all of those hard to reach places and makes sure that your face is squeaky clean.

If you need to stock up or you're just in the mood to take advantage of an amazing discount code then get onto the Body Shop website and use the code 'COOL' it's £10 off £25 or £25 off £50 and if you can resist that then you're a stronger person than I am!

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23 July 2014

My New Wrist Candy

You may remember this little beauty from my wishlist post a couple of weeks ago and that boy of mine must have took the hint because it is now on my wrist as a little 'thank you for being a wonderful girlfriend and letting me watch every single World Cup game possible' thinking back now I probably would have moaned a little less if I knew there was some bling at the end of the tunnel! 

I used to have a really lovely pearl Tiffany bracelet but after the third time of getting it repaired it probably would have cost me less just to buy a new one so I abandoned it and my wrist has felt naked ever since. I prefer gold Jewellery and sometimes it's hard to find something that isn't too much of a yellowy in your face gold but this is perfect. I also love the little pyramid studs and the pink gems that make it look that little bit unique.

This is just a quick one tonight as I've been looking after Darcie and have been typing in between feeding, changing and kissing her chubby little cheeks. I'm happy to announce that the search for a bracelet to replace my broken one is over and hopefully Viv makes hers a little bit sturdier so all in all the boy done good!

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17 July 2014

July Glossybox 2014

This month we're taking a trip to the US of A with Glossybox and they're trying to bring some of that laid back American girl style into our lives! Out of the five products four of them are full sized which I can't grumble about at all, I just need the beachy waves and bronzed body to go with them!

Absolute New York Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer
I do love an eyeshadow primer, especially in this heat when my eyelids tend to get oilier than usual and my eye shadow just slips all over the place! And even if you're not in the mood for eyeshadow it evens the skintone ready for just a slick of mascara!

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Mineral Lipstick
This lipstick has to be the most expensive thing in the box coming in at £20. I got the shade Mandaring which is a lovely orange and very fitting for the time of year. I've been neglecting a bright lip recently so this might just be the shade to steer me away from the nudes and corals.

Carmex Lipbalm
I don't think any of us can say that we haven't had one of these knocking around in the bottom of our bag at some point! This is my winter lips savior and my other one has somehow found its way into Joel's car where it now lives so I'm going to get this in my bag quick before it does a disappearing act.

Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque
Unclogging pores, cleansing skin and gently exfoliating - what doesn't this do?! I'll have to give my origins masks a night off and use this next time I have a pamper and hope it makes my skin as fresh and radiant as it promises!

This has definitely been one of the better boxes recently but after next months which will be a free one that I've paid for with Glossydots I'm going to cancel my subscription. I'm just not excited to get them anymore and I kind of begrudge spending money on another sample sized moisturizer, perfume sample or something that I'd really like but in a shade that I would never wear. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on the contents in the future and never say never if it gets better but for now I'm going to have a break!

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15 July 2014

Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Surrender

Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid

I don't think I've ever wanted a whole collection as much as I do the Illamasqua Summer collection that was launched recently! Illamasqua are a brand known for their daring shade colours which are sometimes too scary for me but I would happily wear every single shade they have to offer this summer, they are beyond perfect for the sunny months and to make it even more perfect the whole collection is matte which I just can't turn down in a lip product!

I need every shade of the Matte Lip Liquids but bank balance restrictions meant that I had to settle for just one so I went for the peachiest shade I could which is Surrender - a bright peach based coral and is too gorgeous for words. I love the sleek, simple packaging and they are like your average lip gloss in terms of twisting the lid and voila, there's a brush! The brush can get messy so I think I'd prefer a sponge applicator much like the Rimmel Apocalips but with fingers and lip brushes that's just a small complaint to make. I tend to dab a bit on my lips and then blend it out with a finger which I found easier and applied a lot more evenly. Once its dried from a liquid to the matte finish it does feel quite heavy on the lips but what can you expect from something that lasts all day no matter how much you eat, drink or chat?! And as you'd expect with the matteness your lips won't turn down a slathering of lipbalm at the end of the day.

Application can be difficult to get right and I struggle with patchiness around the opening of my mouth but once you've got it down it looks amazing and stays put - it's definitely not put me off desperately needing the shade Exotic in my life!

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13 July 2014

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher Duo in Acid and Trip

When I hear the name Daniel Sandler I automatically think of the Watercolour Blushers which I've looked at too many times and always wanted to try but the colours were a bit subdued for me, until these two eye searing shades were launched this summer. What can I say?! I'm as drawn to neon shades as a magpie is to sparkly things!

Trip is a bold, bright orange and Acid is a hot, neon pink and both shades are meant to compliment bronzed summer skin. I've got a good little collection of powder and cream blushers but I've never come across anything like this before, it is literally like coloured water which I don't know why I'm suprised about that because the clue is in the name! I give them a good shake before I use them and then I squeeze a drop or two onto my finger, I found out the hard way that one drop is more than enough for a nice flush of colour, anymore than that and I have a right neon mess on my hands. Once I've got a drop on my finger I dab it a few dots on my cheeks and then blend it out with the Real Techniques Stippling brush. I expected it to be hard to blend and be more like a stain but they both blend really easily into a lovely sheer neon flush but if you wanted more of a statement cheek then just whack another drop on to intensify it. They have a subtle shimmer running through them so once applied they have a really nice glowy effect. I took both of these on holiday with me because my make up tends to go patchy when it's humid but this stayed put and looks amazing with a tan!

I got these both from the Daniel Sandler website as a duo for £25.00 and they came in a really handy clear make up bag but if you want to buy them seperately they'll set you back around £15.50 each - if that isn't a reason to get them both then I don't know what is! These will be the perfect pop of colour to compliment your sunkissed summer skin!

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9 July 2014

Midweek Wishlist #24


1. I only just came across this little beauty today when I was having a Selfridges browse and it's a case of I've seen it and now I need it! I think Vivienne Westwood jewellery is really reasonably priced and I might have treated myself for getting through the last couple of weeks at work after being on holiday but I smashed my iPhone screen last week and after getting it repaired my pretty fund is dwindling! Next pay day though this rose gold gem will have to make its way onto my wrist!

2. Ginzing is one of my favourite ranges to put on my face and now there are two new additions to the family in the form of a scrub and a face mask. Origins do face masks like no other so I have high, high hopes for that one and the scrub is just what I need to wake me up in the mornings.

3. I keep spotting pictures of Kourtney Kardashian with a gorgeous pink lip colour on which I assumed must be MAC or YSL but it's actually from the Kardashian collection make up range which you can get for £9 from Look Fantastic! So my lips are sorted, now I just need to work on a wardrobe like hers.

4. At the minute I'm living in jelly shoes and tan sandals and I know we've only just got a glimpse of summer but I'm thinking forward to autumn and I really want a nice pair of flats. I've got the obligatory nude pair of Topshop ballet flats that every girl has but I wanted something a bit more sturdy and that is where these come in, they're still that nudey colour that I love but they just look a bit more put together and I can see them with black skinny jeans and a fine knit jumper. I've actually just put them with too many outfits not to buy them this second now, topshop.com here I come!

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7 July 2014

I'm loving...Anything and Everything with a Scallop Hem

I am a sucker for anything cute and girly, heart prints, polka dots, cats, I've got to have it. I'm not quite sure how it works that giving something a wavy hem makes it 80% prettier but I've chosen not to question it and just to embrace it! The high street is going scallop hem crazy right now and I just think that it makes the plainest of items look cute and a bit more interesting. I absolutely love, love, love the mint green Topshop Co-ord but the skirt alone would look amazing with a plain cami top or a printed shirt. I may have already purchased the black ASOS shorts (come on, they were in the sale, they were practically free!) and they just remind me of something Kourtney Kardashian would wear with a baggy top, kimono and MAC Morange on her lips. Keep the scallop hems coming High Street!

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5 July 2014

Monthly Favourites | June 2014

I'm ashamed of myself, I haven't posted in just over two weeks - how has that happened?! I feel like I've neglected my child but I'm back and definitely out of holiday mode now and ready to give my little blog some well overdue TLC! I've been back from my holiday for a couple of weeks now and I've only just adjusted to real life, I'm getting used to having to pay for things again (the beauty of all inclusive!) and I'm just realizing that when you're in England it's not acceptable to walk around everywhere in a bikini and it's definitely not acceptable to have a cocktail at 10:30am so now my heads round that I can start posting again! I'm easing myself in gently with my June favourites - better late than never right?

I cannot recommend this enough for these muggy, sticky days when the thought of a full face of makeup fills you with dread. This is all I took on holiday in terms of coverage and with a bit of concealer you're set. While making you look lovely and radiant it also gives your skin some moisture which the sun just loves to steal from your skin!

I think it's just  universal fact that coconut is the scent of the summer, at the minute I am not spraying or slathering anything on my body unless there is a hint of coconut involved, I'm like a walking Malibu and coke. I must have at some point used every Nspa product but how can I resist when they're something stupid like £4 for two products from Asda and they don't don't scrimp on the amount of product that you get. This Body Butter smells amazing and left me so, so soft and moisturized, sorry Body Shop, you've got some stiff competition!

I absolutely love the Healthy Mix foundation so when I was in the market for a new concealer and I spotted this I had to give it a go. This probably isn't so good for blemishes just the under eye area and it really brightens it up and hides any late nights that may have been had! The only thing that gets me down about this is that it's quite drying but a spritz of Fix plus usually sorts that out.

I used this on holiday after I'd finished lounging by the pool and my skin just drank it up, this is perfect for very thirsty skin. The moisture really held as well, even after a good few hours my face with still soft and full of moisture and the packaging is super cute which - call me shallow- always helps!

Oh my god, the smell of this! It takes everything for me to slap this on my face instead of eating it. I got this as a contour product which I'm really loving using it as, it's a moussey consistency and applies really well and it's dark enough to still be noticeable even when you've got your tan on. The only thing is that it sometimes can look a little orange which is putting me off using it as an all over primer like it's meant for in fear of being mistaken for an oompa loompa so I'll stick to using it to give me some cheek bones!

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