30 April 2014

Midweek Wish List #22


1. I got a tiny little sample of Strobe Cream with a MAC order I placed and have fallen in love with it! I've been using it as a primer and it gives the perfect radiant base. You can also mix it with foundation for that glow from within kind of look or simply use it as a highlighter.

2. The Illamasqua Summer collection looks absolutely amazing, I dread to think the damage that is going to be done to my bank account. The collection was launched today and I've got my eye on a velvet blusher to add to my ever growing Illamasqua blusher collection (they do them so well!) and all of the new matte lip liquid shades but I might have to limit myself!

3. As if this wish list didn't have enough lip and cheek products on it here's one more! YSL have brought out a product that's made to be used both on your lips and cheeks and the shade range is amazing. With these multi use products and especially the ones that are made for cheeks I usually only tend to use it on my cheeks but because this has a doe foot applicator I think I'd be more inclined to shove it in my bag as a lip product which means I have no excuse to not get one as price per wear has just halved!

4. For my Birthday I went to Selfridges in Birmingham wanting to come home with a beautiful new purse because mine is years old and getting a bit tatty looking, I looked high and low and with the exception of falling in love with a Mulberry purse that was far too expensive I couldn't find anything and then I stumbled across this little beauty when I'd stopped looking for a purse - sods law isn't it?! I love stripes, I especially love blue stripes and I love gold hardware so this is just perfect!

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28 April 2014

OOTN #10

Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Zara

Well this is something we haven't seen in a while - an outfit post! I'm a very last minute rush getting ready type and you can guarantee with five minutes to go I still need to brush my teeth, put my lipstick on and pack my going out bag so the opportunity for an outfit picture rarely arises so I must have been uncharacteristically organised on Saturday night!

I realize that I look like a walking Topshop advert here, I do own clothes from other places I swear! I wore this for an engagement party that me and Joel went to on Saturday night and as I was his plus one and didn't really know anyone I didn't want to go too dressed up because I had no idea what everyone else would be wearing so I went for the trusty combination of my black leigh jeans, shirt and heels. I got some Topshop vouchers for my birthday so I bought this shirt which is so comfy and the fit is lovely even with my boobs in the way! My vouchers also stretched as far as these shoes which I'd had my eye on for ages after hunting for the perfect nude pointy heels and voila here they are except for the fact that I can't feel my toes two days later but I can dismiss the pain for how beautiful they are. To finish me off is the bag of the moment the Zara 'stressed but well dressed' clutch which I have now adopted as my life mantra!

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26 April 2014

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow

I bought this quite a while ago when Illamasqua had a discount code on the go that was too good to refuse and I'd wanted to try this after hearing that it was the perfect pale girl contour product and I have to say that after a couple of months of test running it I can't argue with that statement!

Hollow is one of Illamasqua's Cream Pigments which is truly a multi use product - you name it and you can use it there, your face, lips, eyes, body. They are also matte and crease-resistant which is perfect for using it on your eyes but I've never tried this as I got it solely for contouring. I wouldn't say that Hollow is what you'd want if you were after some extreme contouring as it just looks like a really natural shadow but definitely adds a bit of definition and that is coming from a complete moon face. The colour is described as 'Toffee' and there's not a hint of orange in sight to add to the naturalness of the shade. 

I find this applies really smoothly and I usually apply with my fingers where the hollows of my cheeks should be and I say should as I've been cursed with a very round face which makes my cheek bones none existent so thank god for products like these! Once the colour is in place I blend it with my Real Techniques stippling brush or expert face brush and if those cheek bones just aren't defined enough you can build it up to a really natural sculpted look.

If you're a fellow porcelain skinned lady and contouring scares you a little then this is the perfect starting place for you!

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22 April 2014

MAC Tres Cheek Collection | Modern Mandarin & Lovecloud

I don't know why but as soon as Spring has sprung and the sun stops hiding I go absolutely cheek mental, highlighter, cream blusher, powder blusher, bronzer, you name it and if it goes on or around my cheek area I'm going to be buying it so this collection couldn't have come at a better time for me! 

Tres Cheek was a Limited Edition collection of 6 blushers from a couple of years ago and four of the shades are coming back for good - don't you just love it when MAC bring back shades as permanents?! All the fun without the stalking and going out of stock anxiety (Riri Woo, I'm looking at you!). Joel bought me these two for my Birthday after he got fed up of me staring at them wistfully and taking them in and out of my basket and they are both so perfect for the (hopefully) upcoming sunny months. Lovecloud is a beautiful pink which seems to have a tiny hint of peach in there which is probably why I love it so much, this really is the perfect shade for spring and paler skin tones. Modern Mandarin is described as 'red orange' which scared me a little and clown like make up came to mind but it is honestly such a gorgeous colour and when applied lightly it gives you a lovely healthy looking flush and I can imagine it to look even better when I'm a bit darker in the Summer.

Out of the two Modern Mandarin is the most pigmented so you have to start lightly with that one and Lovecloud takes a bit of building up but that's the beauty of them, they're both extremely buildable so you can have as little or as much colour as you like. They're both satin finishes and out of the other couple of Mac blushes I have of the same finish these are the most frosted looking and have more of a noticeable sheen on your cheeks which isn't a bad thing, the more help towards the perfect glowing complexion the better!

So that's my cheeks sorted for the forseeable future and if you like what you see then these are now permanent shades so you don't have to panic buy, these little lovelies will be around for a while yet!

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20 April 2014

If Money Were No Object...Chanel Espadrilles

It feels like Spring has sprung over the past week and can you get any more summery than these adorable Chanel Espadrilles. These have been glued to the feet of Kourtney Kardashian and she is the reason why I need these shoes in my life, she rocks them so well! I don't know why I love these as much as I do because I literally have a hatred towards anything that resembles Toms shoes and as Joel kindly pointed out these are basically glorified Toms to which I put my fingers in my ears and went 'la la la'! As well as the celebrity cult status these shoes also come with a hefty price tag but luckily the highstreet have caught on and some similar looking pairs are popping up all over the place...

I absolutely love the Topshop versions but they've gone for bright colours instead of neutrals and the Jeffery Campbell's are identical if you squint your eyes abit although it's the Zara versions that have stolen my heart and they don't even look anything like Chanel originals, pastel colour, sheer fabric, polka dots and they come in black, I'll take both of them!!

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18 April 2014

Models Own Polish for Tans

I don't think I've ever been this excited for a nail varnish collection, it's like Models Own have delved into the depths of my mind and invented just what my nails have always needed! The polish for tans are meant to enhance and compliment golden skin which would probably be out of a bottle for me right now but the summer months are well on their way!

There are five shades in the collection - I only got four because the bright barbie pink that's missing isn't really my cup of tea - and they all have super cute summer related names which are making me want to be lying by a pool! As well as all having names that make me want to be on holiday they're all equally as eye catchingly bright but at the same time they're quite pastel which makes them that little bit more wearable.

My favourite out of the lot is Beach Bag which is described as orange but I would say that it's more of a neon peach and such a unique colour that I can see possibly being the best seller of the whole collection, it's seriously gorgeous. Shades is a bright pastel pinky coral which I can't wait to wear on my toes with sandals and is probably the safest shade out of the four that I've got. Bikini isn't as scary as it looks because of the pastel overshadowing the neon and this would look great with denim shorts and a plain vest top and would look even better holding a cocktail. Last but not least is Flip Flop and suprisingly this is the shade that I was most drawn too, I have never seen a shade like this before and am really excited to get it on! It's ridiculously bright but wearable and once again would be a great toe colour or would look perfect with something coral.

I found that these go on opaque with a couple of coats and they dry matte so I just pop a topcoat on because I prefer a glossy finish. I don't think any other nail varnishes are going to get a look in for a very long time because I am seriously in love!

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16 April 2014

April Glossybox 2014

After last months shambles of a box Glossybox may just have redeemed themselves! The theme was Sweet Treats this month with a selection of products meant to help up transition into the warmer months which seems very fitting seeing the beautiful sunny week that we've had - I could definitely get used to this!

Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil
I've never been disappointed by anything Monu that I've got in a box before so I'm really looking forward to trying this. You can add a bit to your bath or massage it on and then wash it off for silky smooth skin which is what I'm going to need if I'm going to be wearing less clothes!

TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo
If I can get away without washing my hair for one more day then I'll do whatever it takes so I love dry shampoo and this has come at the best time because tomorrow will be my on the edge hair day so I can't wait to give it a refresher with this.

Emite Makeup Lip Brush
I've never heard of Emite Makeup before but I love how sleek this brush looks and it is so, so soft! I usually use a lip brush when my lipstick is super bright so I can keep it looking neat and there's less change of the dreaded clown lips so this will definitely get used next time Candy Yum Yum or Morange get an outing.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues 
I've had a few MeMeMe bits in boxes before which I've never used but I was really happy to see this which is meat to be a dupe for Benefit Highbeam which I love and spring is the season when I want dewy glowing skin so this will be getting a lot of love from me!

Sunsense UK Daily Face SPF 50+
This is a tinted SPF for your face which I'm going to save for my holiday, I find these little samples really handy to chuck in your pool bag and because it's tinted it will help my make up free mug look a bit more acceptable!

I can see myself using everything out of this months box so they've definitely upped their game and not a perfume sample or mini moisturizer in sight - hallelujah! I find that I much prefer the Spring/Summer month Glossyboxes so hopefully there's a few more months of good ones!

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14 April 2014

The Battle of the Powder Highlighters!

Top to Bottom - Topshop Crescent Moon, NARS Albatross, The Balm Mary-Lou Maniser

L to R - Topshop Crescent Moon, Nars Albatross, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

It's only been the last year or so that I've been a complete highlighter fiend - Cream, liquid, powder, I love them all! My holy grail highlighter has to be Topshop Glow in Polish (full review here) which is my go to every day product although with so many beautiful highlighters out there I'd be crazy not to switch it up once in a while! 

After my beloved Topshop Cream highlighter powder is probably my most used and I've got a few beauties that get a lot of air time. My first and most coveted powder highlighter was Crescent Moon (full review here) which after swatching I searched for, for weeks and it was definitely worth it. This is one of the most pigmented products that I've ever come across so you need to be careful when loading up your brush much like you do with Mary-Lou Manizer because even the tiniest touch picks up a hell of a lot of product Unlike NARS Albatross which takes a bit of brush swirling to pick a good amount of product up but that might just be because I've only got a little rectangle in a palette it might be a bit easier with a bigger area to use. Crescent Moon is a beautiful peachy champagne shade which is more iridescent than shimmery whereas Albatross and Mary-Lou Manizer are a little bit more glittery although it is very, very fine and hardly noticeable as well as that they both come across more yellowy on me with Mary Lou-Manizer being more golden and looking better when I've slapped on the fake tan (the only way I'm going to get a tan right now!).

I love all three of these and there is definitely an occasion for them all - Albatross for when I'm after more of an understated, delicate highlight, Crescent moon is for the those days where I want full on glow and radiance and Mary-Lou Manizer is perfect for when I'm bronzed and want a bit of a shimmery highlight but if you asked me to choose (and it's like choosing between my children) Crescent Moon would win hands down every time it's so unique and pretty and does wonders to my face which is all I ask for in a product!

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10 April 2014

Birthday Wishlist!

It happens to be my Birthday on Saturday and down to my impatience I couldn't wait to buy my Michael Kors bag (thank you bonus!) after telling everyone that's what my heart desired on my 23rd so I'm now going to have a Birthday blow out in Birmingham! Usually when I've got it and want to spend some money I can't find anything to spend it on so I'm well prepared for this shopping trip with a very long wishlist to make sure that when I'm done I'm poor in pounds but rich in make up!

The second I saw the Models Own polish for tans it was love at first swatch and these are right up my street, They're neon but at the same time still quite pastel looking shades, I'm sure I can find room for five new nail varnishes somewhere! I've been searching high and low for a jacket that will see me through to autumn and then two beauties turn up at once which is typical! I literally live in my denim jacket as soon as the sun comes out and the one I've got at the minute has seen better days and this is the first one I've seen that I've loved and I know I'll wear it to death although it might get neglected if this gorgeous pink coat makes it home with me, It's one of those things that I've already planned into outfits in my head (a stripy shift dress and bare legs with Topshop heart print loafers or my ever faithful black skinny jeans and nude heels) Why do you have to keep churning out these beautiful jackets faster than I'm getting paid Zara?! Another couple of new releases that I need on my face and fingers are the NARS matte multiple which is a multipurpose product and there are so many shades that I feel spoilt for choice and the new Nails inc floral polishes that I dismissed until I saw it on Alexa Chung's nails and it looked amazing. Finally I'm trying to save some money for when the MAC Playland collection comes out because I can't resist bright colours, especially in the summer and the whole collection is so bright and fun and who am I to deny myself some fun in my make up collection?!

If my shopping until I drop goes to plan then there will be a haul post shortly!

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5 April 2014

Monthly Favourites | March 2014

I can't believe that April is here already and I am a week away from being another year older, where has being 22 gone?! I didn't really buy much make up in March so my favourites are made up of slow burners that I've needed to use for a while for me to fall in love with them and a rediscovered love. I've been a really rubbish blogger recently so I'm making a new month resolution to up my game and start posting a bit more so I suppose I'm just going to have to buy some new bits so I don't run out of thing to post about...

Stop the press, I think I may have found my holy grail tan! This stuff is perfection, from the delicious sweet smell to the natural sunkissed colour, I don't have one complaint. Initially the 'dark lotion' made me a bit nervous but don't let it put you off because you get as much colour as you want depending on how much you apply, I started lightly and it turned me a lovely bronzed colour and then I got braver and layered it up for a deeper olive tan (I'd been watching the Kardashians and a light tan just wouldn't do!) I've not been battling with streakiness and it fades seamlessly although it's a bit pricier than I'd like the bottle is huge and should last a good while!

I bought Candy Yum Yum about a year ago now after months of waiting for it to become permanent and not being able to live without it in my life and then when I got it I wore it once and didn't touch it again until the past month or so when it has definitely got my full and undivided attention! This is the perfect in your face, neon Barbie pink for your lips and it's matte which makes me like it even more! I love wearing this with simple eye make up and it seems to really brighten up my whole face.

This has been my skin savior! For the first time in years I've really been suffering with breakouts around my chin and even when the offending blemish was long gone I was left with a scab or a scar because of my notorious picking ways and since I've been using this a couple of times a week I haven't had one breakout and the marks have completely disappeared.  My skin has honestly never looked so good after a really bad skin year so far so there's no way I'm going to be cutting this out of my routine any time soon.

I've heard so many amazing things about Hollow and bought this as a contouring product imparticular. This is the perfect shade for pale skin, it's a really natural colour but makes such a difference at the same time. It goes on smoothly and blends perfectly - it's all I've been using to contour recently and I can't see that changing!

This is just screaming spring to me, it's a beautiful duck egg blue which I find that sometimes shades like this can be a bit hit or miss and come across more white and stark than they are but this is really, really nice and the perfect amount of blue - there's not a hint of tip ex fingers in sight!

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1 April 2014

MAC Lady Danger Lipstick

Lady Danger is one of those lipsticks that I've been lusting after for ages but every time I came close to bringing her home with me I managed to convince myself that I've got similar and I don't need another orangey red in my life but ladies I was wrong, no matter how many orangey reds you have in your life you need to make room for one more!

MAC describes Lady Danger as a 'vivid bright coral red' but there is definitely a lot of orange chucked in to the mix making it a really in your face shade which I love. It's also a matte finish but it's not as matte as the likes of Ruby Woo and Candy Yum Yum, I'd even go as far as saying it has a little bit of a sheen to it which doesn't matter to me but if you're looking for a proper matte this isn't it. Leading on from the unmatteness of Lady Danger this doesn't pull or dry your lips out, I don't even think you need a lot of lip preparation because it's beautiful, creamy and applies like a dream! I get around 6 hours of wear out of this and that was even on a night that I was drinking champagne out of the bottle so drinking (and eating if you must stop drinking!) isn't an issue. I usually pair it with MAC's What A Blast! lip liner which makes it lean a bit more orange and also makes it that little bit more indestructible! I'm really glad that I came to my senses and bought Lady Danger because she's definitely earnt a spot in my MAC favourites! 

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