30 April 2014

Midweek Wish List #22


1. I got a tiny little sample of Strobe Cream with a MAC order I placed and have fallen in love with it! I've been using it as a primer and it gives the perfect radiant base. You can also mix it with foundation for that glow from within kind of look or simply use it as a highlighter.

2. The Illamasqua Summer collection looks absolutely amazing, I dread to think the damage that is going to be done to my bank account. The collection was launched today and I've got my eye on a velvet blusher to add to my ever growing Illamasqua blusher collection (they do them so well!) and all of the new matte lip liquid shades but I might have to limit myself!

3. As if this wish list didn't have enough lip and cheek products on it here's one more! YSL have brought out a product that's made to be used both on your lips and cheeks and the shade range is amazing. With these multi use products and especially the ones that are made for cheeks I usually only tend to use it on my cheeks but because this has a doe foot applicator I think I'd be more inclined to shove it in my bag as a lip product which means I have no excuse to not get one as price per wear has just halved!

4. For my Birthday I went to Selfridges in Birmingham wanting to come home with a beautiful new purse because mine is years old and getting a bit tatty looking, I looked high and low and with the exception of falling in love with a Mulberry purse that was far too expensive I couldn't find anything and then I stumbled across this little beauty when I'd stopped looking for a purse - sods law isn't it?! I love stripes, I especially love blue stripes and I love gold hardware so this is just perfect!

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  1. Great products! I have wanted to try the ysl lip and cheek stain myself and I agree with you about the damage to our bank accounts! It's to hard to resist products like these tho!

  2. It really is, my will power is non existent! xx