29 September 2014

Stila 20th Anniversary Cheek Duo in Creamsicle

Did I need a new blusher? No. Did I need a new Bronzer? No. Did I get sucked in by the too cute for words packaging? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Seriously though, I don't think Stila could have made nicer packaging if they tried, I just love it and it's perfect for a pastel and cutesy magpie like myself! This cheek duo is a limited edition product from the ice cream collection to celebrate their 20th anniversary and as well as there being another shade of this there are three different eye shadow trios to choose from (I also don't need any more eye shadow either but Mocha Chip is calling out to that magpie side of mine!) and they're all housed in the same gorgeous paper compacts. Creamsicle is half bronzer and half blusher which is ideal travelwise because you've got all of your cheek needs in one little palette. The bronzer side has got the most use from me as I've found it to be the perfect contour shade even though in the swatches it looks a bit glittery and golden this doesn't transpire onto the skin at all once blended. I use the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour Brush to sweep it over the hollows of my cheeks and give this moon face the illusion of cheek bones. The blusher side is a peach pink and this hasn't got as much love as I thought it would have, the colour is lovely but I did find it to get a bit patchy as the day wore on but I'll definitely persevere, maybe now Autumn is on the way oily summer skin will be a thing of the past and my makeup will have an easier time staying on my face!

You might not need a new blusher or bronzer but you do need this packaging on your dressing table and it's limited edition so get yours quick before they're gone!

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25 September 2014

I Love Leopard Print!

I challenge you to find a shop this season that hasn't got something leopard print in there - impossible isn't it?! I don't think leopard print ever really went out of fashion but it has definitely re-entered Autumn/Winter 2014 with a massive, loud, bang!

When it comes to leopard print I really do think less is more and much prefer separates and accessories to a full on wild ensemble and if you feel the same then the high street have spoilt us for choice! For a more casual look I love the idea of a leopard print jumper or shirt with black skinny jeans a some flats and the Topshop skirt (if it's good enough for Alexa it sure as hell is good enough for me!) with a plain, slouchy top tucked in, tights and ankle boots. If you're looking for a bit more glam then the Office heels are perfect to add a pop of jungle to an otherwise plain outfit. 

I am more than happy for the high street to keep churning out the leopard print because I can't get enough of it!

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21 September 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Busher in Onamatopeacha

We might not have seen the sun for a good week or so but cream blushers are very much still a staple of my daily makeup regime and I'm not prepared to let go of them just yet so that's why I've picked up this new little beauty to play with.

There are three shades of Sexy Mother Blusher and Onamatopeacha is the one that I picked, the shade clue is in the name which is also a bit of a mouthful! I love the simple packaging and the lids correspond to the shade so if you've got more than one knocking about in your make up bag you can easily pick up the one that you'r after! They're in a chubby stick form and the product inside is a dome shape twist up pencil which is the perfect size for the apples of your cheeks. I honestly cannot say one bad thing about this, it's so creamy, pigmented and couldn't be easier to apply, I usually pop it on straight from the tube so there's no messy fingers and then blend it out with a stippling brush. I can't complain about the lasting time either and it leaves a lovely healthy glow.

Soap & Glory are on buy one get one half price right now so you've got no excuse not to pick one of these up and quick!

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17 September 2014

Midweek Autumn Wishlist #25


1. I need this scarf in my life! It's a Primarni special and I love everything from the colours to the print. The thought that scarf weather is approaching fast wouldn't be so bad if I had this to wear.

2. If you've already seen my Boots haul post you'll know that I've already got my hands on this little beauty. I've never worn a dark berry lip before because they scare me but I really liked the look of the shade Berry Much and for £4.99 you can't afford not to give it a whirl!

3. I really do love these kind of hats but I can't justify spending Topshop prices on something that, to be honest I'll only probably wear a handful of times and this is where this Primark gem comes in! A guilt free, cheap and cheerful purchase that will fill my Autumn hat needs.

4. My ballet pumps have well and truly taken a back seat at the moment in favour of loafer style shoes, they look just as good, are a bit more sturdy and can handle the rain a hell of a lot better. This Topshop pair are just what my wardrobe needs, I originally had my heart set on the bright red pair but they went out of stock quicker than I could get to my debit card however, this burgundy pair will go with everything!

5. This has turned into a very burgundy/purpley wish list! It seems like such a long time ago since I wore darker nail varnish colours and between then and now I had a little clear out to cull my ever growing nail varnish collection but it seems all I've got left is pastels and neons and if that isn't an excuse to treat yourself to a few new autumnal shades I don't know what is!

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15 September 2014

Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon in Iced

You have no idea how long I've been searching for a champagne cream eye shadow pencil - NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Boots, Superdrug - I've scoured them all! I'd never seen the Eye eye pencils before last week so with the lack of reviews and the little blue new sticker I'm thinking that these might be a pretty recent launch.

There are four shades of the eye pencils and to be completely honest the colour range isn't great but one little gem is all it takes and Iced was exactly the shade I've been on the hunt for. It's a bright champagne that is perfect for the inner corners of the eyes which is what I really wanted it for. For £3.99 you really can't go wrong with the Eye Eye Pencil, it's creamy and pigmented but the only thing I would say is that it isn't as blendable as I hoped, I use my fingers with cream eye products and when I try and blend this out it gets a little 'bitty'. I don't know how better to describe it but it looses it smoothness and separates, it's not enough to ruin your eye makeup and when I've got my eyeliner on it's hardly noticeable but it's just something I've noticed! I wore this all day at work today and it's not creased or faded significantly but I have just been using this for the corner of my eyes and not the whole lid. Another place I've been using Iced is on my brow bone which it's the perfect highlight for, the sharp tip is great for precise application.

I really do like this little pencil and I've got my eye on the bronze and blue as well but Collection, please bring out a few more shades!

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13 September 2014

A Little Boots Haul

I walked into Boots with the intention of walking out with a bag full of goodies and that I did! This is just a little show and tell and I'll go into a bit more detail in separate reviews all in due course.

The reason I went on my Boots rampage was for the new Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Pencils and three Boots and a Superdrug later all I came across were empty spaces where they should be or messy testers teasing me, in the end I had to order them online and get them delivered to store (the things we do for beauty!) and Maybelline is 3 for 2 at the minute so that's how many I ended up with! I got the shades, In The Coral, Very Berry and Minimalist.

Soap & Glory are buy one get one half price at the moment so I took the opportunity to get a couple of bits that I've had my eye on for a while. The first was Sexy Mother Blusher in Onamatopeacha, I know that Summer is drawing to a close but I just can't let go of my beloved cream blushers just yet especially this gorgeous orangey peach one. The second Soap & Glory thing I picked up was another cheek product Love at First Blush which is a lovely pink highlighting blush. Another brand that had a buy one get one half price offer on was Barry M and I've been meaning to tear myself away from summer neons and get some Autumny shades. I went for Red Black which I've had before but it got chucked when it went all gloopy and one of the new Gelly shades in Blackberry which is a dark navy shade.

Last but not least I visited the Collection Stand, I was looking for a champagne coloured cream eye pencil and came across the Eye eye Crayon that looks like a new launch, there were another couple of colours but this was exactly what I was looking for. I've picked up and put down the Skin Wow! 3 Way Highlighter so many times but the buy 2 and get a free mascara was that little push that I needed to finally buy it, I just can't beat a freebie!

So that is my little Boots haul, it's a long time since I've had a good splurge in there and I've got a few bits that I've wanted for a long time so I'll keep my wish list building up for my next trip!

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8 September 2014

Models Own 6 for £20 Offer!

L-R: Sun Hat, Peach Melba, Misty Grey, Gumballs, Coconut Cream & Blue Glint

Models Own are slowly but surely dominating my nail varnish stash and it's no surprise with the new collections that are coming out thick and fast! The Models Own stand in my local Boots disappeared and they haven't materialized in Superdrug yet so I had a bit of a wishlist going on and the nail varnish Gods must have known it because last week Models own had their 6 for £20 offer on the go for a few days which was too tempting for me to ignore!

I had four polishes in mind before I placed my order which Sun Hat was one of, this is the only Polish For Tans shade (Review of the rest of the collection here) that I didn't get thinking it was too pink for me but after seeing it on my Sister I realized that I'd made a huge mistake and I needed neon Barbie pink nails. Sun Hat is a definite in your face neon shade, not for the faint hearted! The other three that were on my to buy list are all of the scented variety, Peach Melba and Coconut Crush are new additions to the Fruit Pastels collection that was launched last year and to be honest with you the scents are very underwhelming, I'm wearing Peach Melba as I type and I can't smell a hint of peach, nor could I when I was painting my nails but I love the pale orange shade of it so the lack of smell isn't the be all and end all for me! Coconut Crush I may have just got in the hope that I'd be wafting around the smell of coconut every time that I move my hands, I've only swatched this on the nail wheel and there wasn't much in terms of a coconutty smell going on there (but it was next to Gumballs which is strong) and although it applied smoothly I can imagine it to be a bit of a pain in the arse on a proper nail. It's an off white so hopefully I won't get that feeling of tippex nails (come on, we all did that at school!) It's definitely not my usual colour but I'm going to give it a go.

The Final scented polish that I chose was Gumballs from the new Sweet Shop collection and holy moly does the scent of this live up to the name, wet or dry this is a strong smell! You definitely couldn't mistake this for anything else, the scent is bugglegum through and through and I love it - think the smell of Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes bottled. Gumballs is a true pink and I applied this on Thursday night and could smell it all through Friday to the point that other people actually commented on smelling bubblegum. Misty Grey and Blue Glint were spur of the moment purchases, I'd been looking at a couple of Essie shades really similar but as these were practically free there's no competition! I need to start tearing myself away from my beloved neons and embrace Autumnal shades so these should help me ease myself in gently.

Like all Models Own nail varnishes these apply like a dream and I use two coats for a real opaque finish and the ones that I've worn out of the six have lasted me a good couple of days before any chipping or tip wear.

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6 September 2014

I've Popped My Makeup Revolution Cherry! | Candy Queen of Hearts Blusher & Irregular Heartbeat Lipstick

There's no escaping Makeup Revolution at the minute and I'm not one who can pass up anything with any hype surrounding it so here I am with two new heart shaped beauties in my life!

The first thing that I knew I had to try was one of the Blushing Hearts blushers, they're heart shaped, they're stripey and they're £4.99, It would be rude not too! There have been a lot of comparisons between these and the Too Faced blushers which I've always lusted after but with a £20 price difference. Candy Queen is a baked blusher with three stripes of colour in a slightly frosted finish. There are six different Blushing Hearts to choose from and the one I went for has a pink stripe and two coral shades. The coloured stripes are quite chunky so you could use them separately or give them a swirl to get a lovely light coral hue. I absolutely love how this looks on, it gives you a real healthy glow and really adds some radiance to your whole face as well as a flush of colour. This is definitely not just pretty packaging!

As if I could pass up a lipstick with a bullet the shape of a heart, it might not be the easiest to apply but isn't it cute?! the outer layer is matte and there is a shimmer core which I didn't find to really do a lot but maybe I didn't blend them together enough as I tend to dab this on to my lips for a subtle hint of peach and even then this is definitely matte, bordering on drying but a bit of lip balm should sort you out. I really like the shade of this when applied sparingly but I found it a little bit too stark for my complexion when applied heavily. For £2.49 this is a good little bargain to get your hands on and you'll be forever wanting to top your lippy up to show off how pretty and heart shaped it is!

These are my first Makeup Revolution purchases and I'm impressed - watch this space because I don't think this is the last Makeup Revolution review that you'll see from me!

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4 September 2014

I'm Loving...Balayage Hair

I love a low maintenance hair style, I don't want to have to be touching up my roots every month or keeping up with a cut that keeps growing out so I may have found my perfect hair style in balayage! 'Oh hey, I've spent all summer hanging out in the Hollywood hills and now my hair is super sun kissed' is what I think a balayage hair style would say if it could. It's a gorgeous soft, natural look that adds dimension to your hair which is what I definitely need right now, I'm having a limp, lank hair nightmare. I've got my hair appointment booked and this is definitely the look I'm going to be requesting!

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1 September 2014

MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick

Cast your mind back to way back when MAC released the All About Orange collection last year (my all time favourite collection EVER!) and the drool worthy lipsticks that were part of it - Sweet & Sour was the lipstick that I left behind, the one that got away and it was only when it was sold out that I released I could not rest until it was in my life! I couldn't have been the only person feeling this way as MAC re-released Sweet & Sour along with a handful of the other most requested lipsticks and I don't think I've ever typed my card details in so fast!

Sweet & Sour is the most gorgeous milky coral shade that brightens up your whole face and for saying that I'm a peach and coral lipstick fiend I can't say that I've got anything similar to this already. This is a cremesheen formula and I've seen a lot of people saying that they're not keen on the finish but Cremesheen are my go to for work and this is no exception, it's creamy, applies well and the wear time might not exceed more than an hour or so but it's so low maintenance and easy to apply (I'm talking mirror free!) it really doesn't bother me. I tend to pat this onto my lips instead of swiping it because I did find if your lips aren't in tip top condition it can gather in the creases and look a bit messy. 

I haven't worn this half as much as I'd have liked too because it popped through my letterbox literally 10 minutes before we were getting picked up to go to the airport so I quickly swapped lipsticks and fell in love with it but when I got back and had a tan it looked awful, almost like concealer lips. My tan has definitely faded now and I lived in it the other week but as soon as I fake tan again I just don't get on with it so it's been reserved to my pale days!

Sweet & Sour is now part of the permanent range of MAC lipsticks so if you missed out the first time and it gave you sleepless nights as well you've been given a second chance to get your hands on it!

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