1 September 2014

MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick

Cast your mind back to way back when MAC released the All About Orange collection last year (my all time favourite collection EVER!) and the drool worthy lipsticks that were part of it - Sweet & Sour was the lipstick that I left behind, the one that got away and it was only when it was sold out that I released I could not rest until it was in my life! I couldn't have been the only person feeling this way as MAC re-released Sweet & Sour along with a handful of the other most requested lipsticks and I don't think I've ever typed my card details in so fast!

Sweet & Sour is the most gorgeous milky coral shade that brightens up your whole face and for saying that I'm a peach and coral lipstick fiend I can't say that I've got anything similar to this already. This is a cremesheen formula and I've seen a lot of people saying that they're not keen on the finish but Cremesheen are my go to for work and this is no exception, it's creamy, applies well and the wear time might not exceed more than an hour or so but it's so low maintenance and easy to apply (I'm talking mirror free!) it really doesn't bother me. I tend to pat this onto my lips instead of swiping it because I did find if your lips aren't in tip top condition it can gather in the creases and look a bit messy. 

I haven't worn this half as much as I'd have liked too because it popped through my letterbox literally 10 minutes before we were getting picked up to go to the airport so I quickly swapped lipsticks and fell in love with it but when I got back and had a tan it looked awful, almost like concealer lips. My tan has definitely faded now and I lived in it the other week but as soon as I fake tan again I just don't get on with it so it's been reserved to my pale days!

Sweet & Sour is now part of the permanent range of MAC lipsticks so if you missed out the first time and it gave you sleepless nights as well you've been given a second chance to get your hands on it!

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  1. This looks gorgeous, I love cremesheen finishes as well. I would of thought this wouldn't suit me because i'm so pale but you might have tempted me now! xx
    An Uninventive Name

  2. I have been really liking orange shades recently and this lipstick looks gorgeous :) I have done that so many times though where you want something even more just because it has sold out or you can't find it anywhere! xx

  3. This shade looks so gorgeous, may have to pick it up on my next MAC trip!

    Salt and Chic // UK Fashion Blog