4 September 2014

I'm Loving...Balayage Hair

I love a low maintenance hair style, I don't want to have to be touching up my roots every month or keeping up with a cut that keeps growing out so I may have found my perfect hair style in balayage! 'Oh hey, I've spent all summer hanging out in the Hollywood hills and now my hair is super sun kissed' is what I think a balayage hair style would say if it could. It's a gorgeous soft, natural look that adds dimension to your hair which is what I definitely need right now, I'm having a limp, lank hair nightmare. I've got my hair appointment booked and this is definitely the look I'm going to be requesting!

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  1. such a lovely hair idea - hoping you post before and after pictures if you get it done! xx


  2. looks so pretty! Defiantly put pictures up when you get it done! :)

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I have serious hair envy looking at these pictures! Can't wait to see what yours looks like :) xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog