8 September 2014

Models Own 6 for £20 Offer!

L-R: Sun Hat, Peach Melba, Misty Grey, Gumballs, Coconut Cream & Blue Glint

Models Own are slowly but surely dominating my nail varnish stash and it's no surprise with the new collections that are coming out thick and fast! The Models Own stand in my local Boots disappeared and they haven't materialized in Superdrug yet so I had a bit of a wishlist going on and the nail varnish Gods must have known it because last week Models own had their 6 for £20 offer on the go for a few days which was too tempting for me to ignore!

I had four polishes in mind before I placed my order which Sun Hat was one of, this is the only Polish For Tans shade (Review of the rest of the collection here) that I didn't get thinking it was too pink for me but after seeing it on my Sister I realized that I'd made a huge mistake and I needed neon Barbie pink nails. Sun Hat is a definite in your face neon shade, not for the faint hearted! The other three that were on my to buy list are all of the scented variety, Peach Melba and Coconut Crush are new additions to the Fruit Pastels collection that was launched last year and to be honest with you the scents are very underwhelming, I'm wearing Peach Melba as I type and I can't smell a hint of peach, nor could I when I was painting my nails but I love the pale orange shade of it so the lack of smell isn't the be all and end all for me! Coconut Crush I may have just got in the hope that I'd be wafting around the smell of coconut every time that I move my hands, I've only swatched this on the nail wheel and there wasn't much in terms of a coconutty smell going on there (but it was next to Gumballs which is strong) and although it applied smoothly I can imagine it to be a bit of a pain in the arse on a proper nail. It's an off white so hopefully I won't get that feeling of tippex nails (come on, we all did that at school!) It's definitely not my usual colour but I'm going to give it a go.

The Final scented polish that I chose was Gumballs from the new Sweet Shop collection and holy moly does the scent of this live up to the name, wet or dry this is a strong smell! You definitely couldn't mistake this for anything else, the scent is bugglegum through and through and I love it - think the smell of Vivienne Westwood Melissa shoes bottled. Gumballs is a true pink and I applied this on Thursday night and could smell it all through Friday to the point that other people actually commented on smelling bubblegum. Misty Grey and Blue Glint were spur of the moment purchases, I'd been looking at a couple of Essie shades really similar but as these were practically free there's no competition! I need to start tearing myself away from my beloved neons and embrace Autumnal shades so these should help me ease myself in gently.

Like all Models Own nail varnishes these apply like a dream and I use two coats for a real opaque finish and the ones that I've worn out of the six have lasted me a good couple of days before any chipping or tip wear.

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  1. I bought six of these last time they did this deal and I was so impressed with all of them. I'm not that big on scented nail varnishes though as none of them have ever really smelt that great or been long lasting! You picked lovely colours though :)

    The Makeup Directory

  2. I've had my eye on coconut cream, it's gorgeous and I'm dying to try a scented nail polish!