15 September 2014

Seventeen Eye Eye Crayon in Iced

You have no idea how long I've been searching for a champagne cream eye shadow pencil - NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Boots, Superdrug - I've scoured them all! I'd never seen the Eye eye pencils before last week so with the lack of reviews and the little blue new sticker I'm thinking that these might be a pretty recent launch.

There are four shades of the eye pencils and to be completely honest the colour range isn't great but one little gem is all it takes and Iced was exactly the shade I've been on the hunt for. It's a bright champagne that is perfect for the inner corners of the eyes which is what I really wanted it for. For £3.99 you really can't go wrong with the Eye Eye Pencil, it's creamy and pigmented but the only thing I would say is that it isn't as blendable as I hoped, I use my fingers with cream eye products and when I try and blend this out it gets a little 'bitty'. I don't know how better to describe it but it looses it smoothness and separates, it's not enough to ruin your eye makeup and when I've got my eyeliner on it's hardly noticeable but it's just something I've noticed! I wore this all day at work today and it's not creased or faded significantly but I have just been using this for the corner of my eyes and not the whole lid. Another place I've been using Iced is on my brow bone which it's the perfect highlight for, the sharp tip is great for precise application.

I really do like this little pencil and I've got my eye on the bronze and blue as well but Collection, please bring out a few more shades!

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  1. This shade looks stunning! I so need to go and buy some of these! Love your blog, just followed on bloglovin x
    Emma | Everything Beauty