13 July 2014

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blusher Duo in Acid and Trip

When I hear the name Daniel Sandler I automatically think of the Watercolour Blushers which I've looked at too many times and always wanted to try but the colours were a bit subdued for me, until these two eye searing shades were launched this summer. What can I say?! I'm as drawn to neon shades as a magpie is to sparkly things!

Trip is a bold, bright orange and Acid is a hot, neon pink and both shades are meant to compliment bronzed summer skin. I've got a good little collection of powder and cream blushers but I've never come across anything like this before, it is literally like coloured water which I don't know why I'm suprised about that because the clue is in the name! I give them a good shake before I use them and then I squeeze a drop or two onto my finger, I found out the hard way that one drop is more than enough for a nice flush of colour, anymore than that and I have a right neon mess on my hands. Once I've got a drop on my finger I dab it a few dots on my cheeks and then blend it out with the Real Techniques Stippling brush. I expected it to be hard to blend and be more like a stain but they both blend really easily into a lovely sheer neon flush but if you wanted more of a statement cheek then just whack another drop on to intensify it. They have a subtle shimmer running through them so once applied they have a really nice glowy effect. I took both of these on holiday with me because my make up tends to go patchy when it's humid but this stayed put and looks amazing with a tan!

I got these both from the Daniel Sandler website as a duo for £25.00 and they came in a really handy clear make up bag but if you want to buy them seperately they'll set you back around £15.50 each - if that isn't a reason to get them both then I don't know what is! These will be the perfect pop of colour to compliment your sunkissed summer skin!

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