1 April 2013


Top - New Look ♥ Skirt - Topshop ♥ Shoes - Primark ♥ Bag - ASOS ♥ Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nails ♥ Topshop Mannequin & Ciate Candy Shop Caviar Beads

I'm currently writing this from my bed, in my onesie, with a headache, feeling slightly sick but at the same time craving the kind of food that will take me up a dress size by just looking at it. What a typical bank holiday feeling! This is a very poor excuse of an outfit picture, me in Varsity toilets (classy lady) but I'm going to roll with it! This night out crept up on me and I had to mentally throw together a few things before actually throwing them in the car and hoping they were clean and looked alright. I've had this skirt for ages now and I've only ever worn it once in Ibiza in the summer so I thought it was due an outing and because the skirt is so bright I tried to keep the rest of the colours quite neutral. I'm a bit slack on the old top front and it was a struggle to find something to wear with this but I think it ended up looking okay, the only thing that gets me down about baggy fitting tops and big boobs is that it makes your top half look a lot bigger than it is but hopefully the pinched in waist remedied that a bit, god damn you boobs!! I was going for understated nails as well but then I rediscovered the Ciate Caviar Beads that I got in my Ciate advent calendar and put it on a couple of nails to make them look less plain and add a subtle bit of colour, surprisingly these lasted the whole night compared to the other few times I've had them on and most of the beads have scraped off just leaving silver within a couple of hours (That is probably down to me though and the fact I just can't stop touching them). My going out make up doesn't really vary very much and it's pretty similar to my day make up just a bit heavier. I'd had a few glasses of wine by this point so the pout was out! Lashings of black eyeliner winged out, big lashes and a nice lip colour are my staples, I probably should be a bit more adventurous with my make up but if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Enjoy your last afternoon of freedom because it's back to work tomorrow boohoo!


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  2. I love that outfit! :) your make-up is perfect too!



  3. I love your accent nail :)

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest outfit post: Ombre & 90's Tie-Dye

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  4. I love your nails!! had never though about doing one nail with those little ball things on it before!
    Where do you buy them from?

    xxx Brooke

    1. I got mine out of a Ciate advent calendar but ASOS and Selfridges do the actual Ciate ones but MUA have a cheaper version and you can get them in Superdrug but I've never tried them so have no idea whether they're good or not, hope that helped!! xx

  5. The skirt is soooo nice!
    Very lovely blog you have!!:)