17 June 2013


Top  Primark
Skirt  Topshop
Shoes  Ebay

Between a near tan disaster, a lot of shots, ending up in a VIP area with some of the cast of TOWIE drinking Grey Goose, thinking it would be a good idea to sit outside at 5am with a pizza (it wasn't it was freezing) and the longest wait for McDonalds to stop selling breakfast ever, what a night!! 

I'd been looking for a pink skater skirt for what seems like ages and I thought they would be easier to come across, I finally found this one in Topshop and the picture doesn't do the colour of this skirt justice, it is BRIGHT. I would definitely describe it as a neon pink, no one would be able to loose you in this! I'd seen this crop top in quite a few Primark hauls but the polka dot version, I would say that around 40% of my wardrobe is made up of stripes, they entice me and my debit card it seems! I  got this top in a size 12 to accommodate my boobs because the material has no give in it at all but I do wish that I'd gone for a 10 as the top is really quite baggy and even with my generous chest area it's still quite long for a crop top. I finished the outfit off with my blue wedges simply because they are the comfiest heels that I own and I was planning on dancing the night away and Ciate Big Yellow Taxi on my nails.

Just a little lifestyle update for you, I'm writing this on Sunday while I have a spare half an hour and it will post tomorrow (Monday 17th) it seems like a very long time coming but tomorrow is the day that we'll finally be moving in to our little house! Sky are coming on Tuesday to install the internet and phone line so hopefully I should be back online by then but I still have a garage of flat pack to build and a few more trips to Ikea to make so I'll be very quiet over the next week, but please bare with me because as soon as the place looks liveable I will be back to my blogging self, I will try my best to make it worth your wait! I hope that you've all had a lovely weekend and next time that I post I will officially be a grown up in my own house, eek!

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  1. LOVE this outfit, you look great! Also, your hair looks super shiny and soft, any tips?

    Great post, sounds like you had fun!

    Rosie xo


    1. Why thank you Rosie :) I'd just had a good chop and fresh colour so that's probably why it's so shiny, it definitely wasn't the morning after with all the back combing ;) xx

  2. Awww you look so nice!! I love that bright skirt for the summer!!!

  3. You look lovely in this outfit, The colour of that skirt is beautiful!
    And your hair looks gorgeous! :) Sounds a good night too!



    1. I wore this skirt in the day last week and I think I may have blinded some passers by! xx

  4. I love your skirt, sounds like you had a crazy night! + good luck with your move :) x


  5. great outfit! love the skirt <3

    Why don't you join my giveaway? :)

    xoxo ♥

  6. I love the color of the skirt! Skater skirts are really cute and they're twirl perfect! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

    1. Not too twirl perfect though as too much twirl and pants are on show!! xx

  7. Love the skirt, especially with the blue heels! Good luck with settling in. :)

    Heather xx


    1. Thank you so much, we're finally getting there, at least we can see the floor for flat pack now ;) xx

  8. Lovely outfit, the different colours work so well together. I totally sympathise with the flat pack situation! I moved in with my boyfriend the end of April and needless to say he's not one for flatpacking, it was pretty much left to me. I'm a master with a hammer and screwdriver now!

    Lindsey. x

    1. Thank you! I feel your pain, we are Girlfriends that DIY! xx

  9. Love your outfit, dearest. That skirt is amazing! Love the color!! :)

    1. Thank you, it is eye searingly bright!! xx

  10. your outfit is gorgeous! that top is so pretty, i'll have to see if i can find it next time i'm in primark xo

    1. Thank you!! I hope that you find it xx

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