22 March 2014

March Glossybox 2014

I can't believe how fast that these Glossyboxes are coming around and I do look forward to that glossy time of the month but this month I've been left disappointed and if it wasn't for the fact I've saved up enough Glossy dots for next months box to be free I think this would probably have been my last.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream
Keeping with the 'Beauty Blossom' theme of this months box this body cream is meant to make you feel like you've taken a walk in the countryside and moisturizer always comes in handy especially when it's a nice travel friendly size but I've literally got a back log of creams that will last me until I'm 40.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powder in Whesek
Glossybox describe this as the ultimate multi use product which as well as being an eyeshadow you can mix into blusher, lip gloss or nail varnish. I can only see a couple of those working with the shade I got that is a dark metallic grey which I'm pretty sure I've had something similar in a Glossbox before and it's still unopened somewhere.

Dove Hair Therapy Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot
At first sight I thought this was the Tressemme shot that I absolutely love but I'm still excited to use this as these kind of things usually do wonders for my hair and I haven't tried any of the Dove hair range yet. This has Sunday pamper written all over it!

Juicy Couture Malibu Collection
These didn't get my usual reaction to a perfume sample (usually 'oh for gods sake, not another one!') because I've actually been dying to give these a sniff and they're both really nice and refreshing. I don't know why but I had in my head they'd be coconutty - probably because everything Malibu makes me think of my favourite summer tipple!

Sleep Makeup Pout Polish in Raspberry Rhapsody
I was so happy to see one of these in my box...until I saw the shade I'd received. Purple is not my colour at all and I've seen that some people got a gorgeous nude shade which is definitely more my cup of tea. Instead of wearing this I might just smell it because it has the most gorgeous vanilla scent that I wish I could bottle up as a perfume! It's a shame that the colour was so wrong or this would have been the savior of an otherwise rubbish box.

You've got a month to win my heart back Glossybox or we're through!!

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  1. Sorry you were disappointed with the march glossy box. I have yet to try any beauty boxes but maybe you could try another branded box. Thanks for your honesty. Hope you get something better next month :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aprils box was a lot better! It's just the nature of a beauty box, you're not going to love them all but thankfully they've upped their game, lets hope May is the same :) xx

  2. That's such a shame that you were disappointed with this months box! I unsubscribed quite a while ago but do really miss receiving the boxes. I like the sound of the Dove Shot!

    Hannah x

    1. I would definitely miss them if I didn't have them but it's just rubbish when they're full of stuff you're never going to use but that's the risk you take! xx