2 October 2013

Midweek Wish list #15

It's hard to believe but this week I have one thing and one thing only (well, technically two...) on my wish list, this probably won't happen again so I need to relish the moment! I've skipped Riri Woo the last couple of times that it's been available and never really gave it a second thought until a few weeks ago when I saw a picture of someone wearing a lipstick that I needed in my life and it just happened to be Rihannas take on Ruby Woo. Do I do the rational thing and take advantage of a Debenhams 10% beauty event and order Ruby Woo (which is practically identical) or do I get blinded by the pretty rose gold packaging, torture myself with swatches on Google images and blog reviews and wait until the Riri launch? This collection was available online on Monday in the US and from what I've seen it was carnage to get hold of with most things being sold out within an hour - the UK launch date is tomorrow and I'll be there refreshing the page like a crazy woman and won't breath a sigh of relief until  my order is confirmed, MAC why do you do this too us?!

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  1. Don't think I'll ever have only one thing on my wishlist hahaa!