10 December 2013

Essie Bikini So Teeny & A Crewed Interest

(They've gone up to £2.50 now, boohoo!)

Oh Fragrance Direct, how would our Essie collections grow without you?! I was lucky enough to get a couple of shades that I'd had my eye on for a while - for under a fiver you can't beat a bargain like it!

A Crewed Interest is the most beautiful peachy nude shade and Bikini So Teeny is a really unique lavender blue. They're both quite light pastels so it does take a couple of coats to get them to a strong opaque colour. They both go on nice and  glossy but Bikini so Teeny has some sparkle in it so is a bit bumpier without a top coat. Even though there is quite a lot of silver glitter running through Bikini So Teeny which is very noticeable in the bottle but not so much on the nail. Both of these shades lasted a good week on me, there was a bit  of chipping but nothing major.

Essie have done it again, brilliant formula, lasting time and shades - Keep them coming Fragrance Direct!

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  1. They both look gorgeous! I may have to buy the blue one - it looks so beautiful :) xx
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. great pictures! can't believe they've gone up to £2.50, not like I can complain ha ha x