10 May 2013

Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen


My nail varnish application skills would probably look better if I was blindfolded, it's not that I don't try to be neat, I really do but it just doesn't happen. When I saw this in Barry M's new drop of products I think I heard my nails do a little squeal of excitement, they've finally got a chance of looking presentable! The packaging is a pretty basic pen style with a lid on either end, one where the actual product you use is and the other is where the spare tips are kept. I do quite like the smell of this, it claims to smell of melon and I see where they're coming from if they mean a melon dipped in nail varnish remover. It's acetone free and the pointed tip is just the right shape to get right in there and remove all your messy bits. I would say that it does do a pretty good job, the only issue I have is that I found that it slightly tinted my skin the colour of the nail varnish where I rubbed it but this wasn't a long lasting thing! The first time I ever used this when I got on to tidying up my second hand the tip did seem a little bit drier already so I think that it might dry up quite quicky but at this price and with 2 spare tips that are double ended it's not like it isn't going to last you for a while. This is definitely a good little tool to have and it has took me a couple of weeks to get my hands on one so if you do happen to come accross one, grab it!! 

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  1. Love these, they are great for the little mistakes. Essence also do a range of these pens! xxx

  2. I've used it every time that I've painted my nails since I got it, I don't know how such a mucky pup like me has lived without it!! xx