5 November 2013

MAC In Synch Lip Pencil

I haven't really dabbled in the realms of lip pencils that much but with the beautiful choice of colours that MAC offer I had myself thinking why the devil not?! And with my love for peachy lips In Synch was definitely the shade for me.
In Synch is a peachy pink colour with orange tones, the perfect accompaniment to warm nudes and peach shades. The pencil itself it quite hard to apply and very drying so it's probably best to prep your lips with a balm before you set to work! You can either wear this alone and embrace the matte finish or layer it up with a gloss or lipstick. My favourite pairing at the minute is In Synch layered underneath Crème Cup which is a Cremesheen lipstick and by wearing a liner underneath the wear time is increased by a good couple of hours. If you don't fancy wearing this all over your lips then you could use it as it's name suggests and just line the lips to emphasise their shape.
I definitely won't be passing up lip liners anymore now I've seen how they can intensify colour and prolong wear time. How could I have been ignoring these little pencils of wonder for so long?!
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  1. Such a lovely shade :) x


  2. Thats a pretty colour! I havent used many lip pencils either haha
    hareem x

    1. I'm a definite convert now though haha! xx

  3. The shade is lovely! I don't use lip pencils that much either, but I might give them a go after reading this haha :)

    xo Mel
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    1. I will not be hold responsible when you get hooked! xx

  4. Thats such a gorgeous colour on you!
    Serena xo