15 November 2013

November Glossybox 2013

After last months extremely disappointing Glossybox I was hoping that they'd make it up to us in some shape or form this time around but I'm still undecided! On first impressions It looks like a good box because there's a lot of full sized products that bulk it out which is a definite contrast to lasts months tiny little products that were rattling around in that big old box. The theme of the box is a Glossy Wishlist just in time for Christmas so lets have a look what their idea of a stocking filler is!

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
Can you get any better than a little pink bag filled with skincare goodies?! This has to be the star of the box this month, I'm really excited to try these skincare saviors out and get my skin looking lovely for these Christmas parties that are coming up.

Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow in Dams
Oh dear, this isn't for me at all! This is a pure black eyeshadow free from all nasties and perfect for sensitive eyed girlies. I've seen that there have been some better shades doing the rounds in other boxes and if I got more of a neutral shade then I definitely would have some use for this but this is far too scary for me!

Yves Rocher Hand Cream
I don't think that a girl can ever have too much hand cream, I've got one in every bag, every room and at work so this will happily join them. I really like the smell of this but it makes me hungry because it smells so much like the strawberry centered chocolate you get in Roses!

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry For Nails
I'm going to have a nail painting session tonight and I cannot wait to test this out. Waiting for my nails to dry is the bain of my life and if this spray can put a stop to that then I'm buying in bulk.

B. Quick One Coat Professional Finish Nail Polish
Taking into account how much time I spend in Superdrug I am pretty suprised that I've never tried their own brand before! I'm not one to turn my nose up at a top coat because I use them every time I paint my nails but this one is all gold and shimmery which is my idea of  nail hell. Like the eyeshadow, I've seen some really nice Autunmy colours in other boxes so I just got unlucky with the shade.

This box was a definite improvement on last months but it's still just alright. I'll get use out of a few things but I feel like I was blinded by the size of the products but what would you prefer a family sized bar of Kinnerton chocolate (The chocolate from cheap advent calendars) or a Cadburys Freddo - Need I say more?!

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  1. at first when I looked, I was disappointed by the content but after reading your blog post I think its actually a decent box and there's lot's of goodies that I'd love to see reviews on:-)

    1. I see exactly what you mean, it looks a bit rubbish but everything is useable! xx