6 January 2014

Best of 2013 | And the Rest!

My final installment of 2013 favourites is all about the best of the rest and these are the things that I couldn't categorize but also couldn't leave out because of how much I've enjoyed using them in the past year!

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Body Mist (Review here)
I stocked up on this when I went to London earlier in the year and I'm already worrying about how to get my hands on a replacement once I've made my way through my little stash! I'm such a sucker for a coconutty scent and throw vanilla into the mix and this is fragrance heaven to me. It's a really exotic, sweet smell that is perfect for those days that you just want to wear something light.

One of lifes many unanswered questions is this - how did I live without this brush?! This is hands down my favourite make up brush that I own and I use it every single day without fail whether it be for cream blush, to perfect my base or to soften a contour with cream bronzer. If I could only use one brush for the rest of my life then this would be it.

Sometimes I don't want to smell like a biscuit and stain my lovely white sheets so this is where this steps in! It's an instant tan that leaves a lovely natural bronzed colour and has some magical technology mixed in there somewhere that means even if you spill a Jager bomb down your leg it isn't going to streak (and I can vouch for that!) It says that it's wash off but I'm usually left with a nice even tan still for a couple of days after before it vanishes without a trace or any patchiness.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess (Review here)
This was my scent of the summer and a lot more summers to come I suspect. Bronze Goddess is another coconut based perfume and it's just a holiday in a bottle, it's such a warm and tropical scent that gets a lot of compliments.

All I ask for in life is big, big hair and these rollers have given me that! I prefer not to sleep in them (but if needs must I will suffer for my big hair!) because it is near enough impossible to get comfortable but if they're left in for the day by night you've achieved big bouncy waves or if you just put them in around the crown then you've got volumous roots that Cheryl Cole would envy!

And with that I'm going to put 2013 to bed now and hope that 2014 brings us some new favourites that we can get excited about!

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  1. I'm desperate for that Estée Lauder perfume! Fab post jade :) x


    1. You need to work quickly when it comes out this year, blink and it's gone! xx

  2. That St Tropez lotion sounds like miracle work! I too am not a fan of smelling like a biscuit so at the moment i use Rimmel's instant tanner. But that streaks instantly even if i splash a tiny drop of water on myself whilst washing my hands (does this often happen to anyone else or am i just a messy handwasher??) Anyway, may have to leave Rimmel behind and invest it St Tropez instead! Great post :)



  3. It's only a tenner so well worth a try! It's not just you either, I always end up splashing myself especially when I'm at work and it shows up the most on my light blue work shirt, grr!! xx