9 June 2014

ASOS Bikinis for Big Boobs

I wasn't blessed with a nice compact chest area, I have enough boob to share around my whole village and still not be left flat chested (well, it feels that way anyway) Holiday season is meant to be exciting but there's one part in particular that I dread and that's bikini shopping. The cheap and cheerful ones in Primark are in dress sizes and yes I might have the bust of someone who wears a size 20 but my back is a size 12 so it makes them impossible to fit properly, Topshop stop at a DD if you're lucky and when Kelly Brook launched a range with New Look I thought 'finally! Someone who shares my boob pain!' but I was still left spilling out and the thin straps couldn't hold the weight and eventually snapped. It wasn't until a couple of years ago and I was preparing for a girls holiday ASOS's DD+ Swimwear came on my radar and all those years of struggling were remedied! They have some really on trend styles which I love because usually the bigger the cup size the less pretty they are and they have so many different types from bandeau, to halterneck, padded, to long line, there really is something to suit everyone. One of my tried and tested favourite styles is the 50's style halterneck which they haven't seemed to do as many of this year but they come in so many different patterns and the thick straps give the extra support and they also don't kill the back of your neck. The sizes go from DD to GG and from a 28 to 42 back so they really do cater for all shapes and sizes. My bikini nightmare is no more and I am no longer a vision in an ill fitting bikini top thanks to ASOS, if you're another bigger busted beauty I could not recommend their bikinis more for your holiday this summer, big boobs need cute beach wear too and ASOS knows it!

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  1. I'm a G and a size 10 so I feel your pain, I normally get mine off bravissimo and bra stop but I'll look on ASOS next time :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Ooooh I will have to look on ASOS! All the pretty bikinis stop at a D, it's sooo annoying! xx


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