17 June 2014

What's in My Holiday Make Up Bag?

I love warm weather but my make up doesn't seem to feel the same way and ends up sliding down my face so when I'm off on my jollies I try and keep my face as simple and stripped back as I can which is a good job seeing as my make up collection could fill my whole suitcase and I've only got a 15kg limit to stick too!

I usually go for an illuminating primer but in a hot country I don't need any more shine to my face so I'm taking a tiny Porefessional which when applied is pretty matte and gives a nice smooth base to keep my make up in place which is what I need! I'd have to be having a very good skin day to just go out in tinted moisturizer in this country but when you're on holiday the lighter base the better. The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer has pretty good coverage considering with a really nice luminous finish and also because it's not too heavy and full on when you've got a bit of colour to your face it isn't going to look stupid because it's sheer enough to not look a completely different colour. I've also got a healthy mix concealer for those bits that need some more help which I haven't used yet but I love the foundation so I've got high hopes and something else that is untouched in my holiday pile is the Bourjois bronzing primer that I've got as a contouring product and depending how dark I get I may use it as a base. I've gone for a powder highlighter because it seems to stay put better than any cream products I've tried and the Mary-Loumanizer is the perfect golden shade to compliment sun kissed skin. I've got a selection of blushers, two being the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blushers in a bright orange and bright pink, these give more of a natural flush and once they're on they ain't budging and I couldn't leave behind my ever faithful MAC Royal Sunset which is perfect for a softer look and more peachy cheeks.

My MAC palette is a nice multitasker to save a bit of room and it's got all my neutral eyeshadow as well as brow needs covered and my seemingly ever lasting teeny tiny Stay Don't Stray will be keeping that all in place. I could be in the burning depths of hell and you still wouldn't be able to tear me away from my eyeliner, I've got my beloved L'oreal Super Liner and also a mini pencil liner to fill in any of those pesky gaps between my eyelashes but I have faith in my Super Liner, if it can stay put during a messy night out it can withstand the heat in Turkey! Another small Benefit product (Thank you Birchbox!) is the They're Real Mascara to give me some luscious holiday lashes and then to finish it all off the choice of a few MAC lippies, I've got 2 neon shades packed (Morange and Candy Yum Yum) which I think look amazing with a tan and then a more toned down shade (Coral Bliss) but a couple more may just sneak their way in to my make up bag - a week is a long time with only 3 lipsticks to your name!!

And there you have my holiday make up bag, I just need to get there and put this all into action now!

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  1. Cool post. This makes me want to go on holiday.