2 June 2014

Monthly Favourites | May 2014

Why May, haven't you been exciting?! First I get to see Katy Perry in the flesh, a couple of days later my teeny tiny sister enters the world and we finally booked a holiday! We've had the smallest amount of sun and I'm already digging out all the bright colours I can find and making sure my legs are ready to be bared to the world.

I cannot get enough of this stuff, it smells amazing and makes my skin look glowing and feel super soft, the only downside is that it's very greasy so I tend to use this at night time or well before I'm due to leave the house so it has chance to soak in.

Illamasqua you have answered my prayers, this has to be the most perfect peachy lip product I've seen in a long time and it's a matte finish which I much prefer over glossy. The colour pay off is amazing and the staying time is incredible, it feels a little bit heavy when it's on but it really does stick to your lips and did I mention it's the perfect peach?!

I've looked at these so many times but the colours have always been a bit neutral for my liking, well what can I say now?! Not anymore!! A neon pink and orange have been launched just in time for summer and it might not look it but once they're on and blended in they are really subtle and glowy. I am so glad I picked these up, they'll be the first thing I put in my make up bag when I pack for my holiday because they will definitely be able to withstand the heat and keep in place!

Eylure are my first port of call for lashes and I love feathery eyelashes that add a bit of drama to your look but they're not too in your face and these are perfect, they give some length and thickness but still look natural enough, my beloved 117's have some competition!

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  1. That's awesome that you were able to see Katy Perry! Great list of avourites and blog. Just followed! :)