30 May 2014

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Review & Models Own Beach Bag Comparison Swatches

Models Own Polish For Tans have unleashed a monster, I am officially addicted to neon nail varnishes. If it's not eye searingly bright this summer then I am not interested and my newest recruit is Flip Flop Fantasy. I was a China Glaze virgin until I picked up this little bargain from Nail Polish Direct (word of warning: if you're trying to save money do not go on that website - so many beautiful cheap nail varnishes, so little funds!) but it's been a brand that I've always wanted to try after seeing quite a lot of mentions around the blogging world. Flip Flop Fantasy is a seriously summery shade that I can't quite pin down, is it pink? Is it orange? Is it coral? It's a mix of all of them and holy moly is this bright, I am talking blindingly, glow in the dark bright. Formula wise it applies so well, you could probably get away without a second coat and it dries quickly but it dries to a matte finish so if you prefer glossy talons you'll need a topcoat. There's only one thing that puts me off wearing this (and I'd wear it every day if this wasn't the case) and that's the fact that it chips so easily, this doesn't even last a day on me without some major chunks missing and a couple of times I've looked down and I've lost a whole nail! I really wanted to wear this on holiday but I don't want to be faffing around repainting my nails all week which I know will happen so I'm going to wear it on my toes instead where I'm hoping it lasts a bit longer but looks as good!

If a shade like Flip Flop Fantasy is what you need in your life but you can't wait for it to be delivered then get yourself down to Boots tomorrow and pick up Models Own Beach Bag (full review here), they might not be twins but they're definitely related! It is insanely difficult to picture neons and they look identical in the swatches but although they're very similar there are a few differences. Flip Flop Fantasy is more pink and a lot brighter as well as drying to a matte finish whereas Beach Bag is more orange and although it's still really bright it's got more of a milky pastel edge and a glossier finish but saying that if you've got one then you probably don't need the other.

Long live neons all Summer long!

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  1. This is such a perfect colour! X