4 May 2014

E.l.f Haul #2!

I haven't taken advantage of an E.l.f 50% off discount for a while now so this little haul is well overdue! You all know what it's like, you're browsing Pinterest and there's all these make up looks you want to try but because it's a little bit out of your comfort zone you don't want to spend a lot of money on a load of make up you're going to try once to realize it's not for you and that is mostly the story behind this haul - Pinterest made me do it! 

My eye makeup is really quite simple - lashing of black mascara, neutral eyeshadow if any and a black flick of eyeliner, Pinterest (and Kourtney Kardashian) have made me want to change this. I have been obsessed with this picture ever since I came across it, it's definitely my kind of simple eye look with a little bit extra and that's the reason that I got some glittery liquid eyeliner, I'm not going back to the days of hair mascara and crispy body glitter I swear! This comes out quite sparse and isn't that easy to build up but for now it's got the glittery cat eyed thoughts out of my system and for £1.95 I really can't complain. The rest of these purchases are from watching too much Keeping up with the Kardashians over the Easter Bank holiday (E! had them on back to back for four days straight, I just couldn't help myself!) I love the Jumbo Eyeshadow sticks more than I thought I would, they're pigmented, creamy and the colours I chose are gorgeous one is a golden bronze and the other almost a rose gold shade and I really can't wait to use them. Another Kardashian inspired purchase is the blue eyeliner, I don't use any colour on my eyes at all but I absolutely love this and this, they don't look too scary and are quite a subtle take on blue eye makeup so I'll give it a go! 

When I placed my order there was another offer running along side the 50% discount which was if you spent £15 or over they'd chuck in two suprise products to your order but I didn't really drop on with the two I received, boo! I got a mineral eyeshadow that I already own and a lip gloss and if there's two words that strike fear into my soul it's 'super glossy' so I won't be using these but I'm sure I can find them a home! The baked eyeshadow in Enchanted is meant to be a dupe for MAC Expensive Pink which has been on my wishlist for a long time now, this is a really pretty colour and they're definitely very similar so my craving is satisfied for now (ha, lets see how long that lasts!) Every time I place an E.l.f order I always look at the matte lip pencils but never get one because I figure I've got enough lip products but what's one more?!

It's not an E.l.f haul without loading up on accessories! I picked up a couple of brushes including the small stipple brush that I have never seen in stock before so it's a miracle and this is to use with cream blushers and contour products, I also got a smudge brush which I think is a brand spanking new brush to E.l.f or it's just the different packaging deceiving me. There's a couple of rebuys which are the cuticle pen which I love and the cuticle pushers to replace my old ones which got snapped trying to clean between the tiles in the bathroom... Lastly is a nail buffer to try and even out my nails a bit because they are full of ridges at the minute and it was starting to make my nail varnish look uneven but so far so good, this has really smoothed them out!

There were a few other bits that I wanted to pick up but like always with the 50% discount a lot of it was sold out, you snooze you lose! Did you take advantage of the discount?!

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  1. I love the look of the eye shadow jumbo pencils :) I didn't use the offer unfortunately. I don't know if I'm too late! <3

  2. I've heard that e.l.f cosmetics are great bargain buys! Really want to try them out! xx

  3. I really need to try out some more products from e.l.f , i'll have to keep an eye out when they next have an offer on :)

    Lauren| thatgirlcalledlauren.blogspot.co.uk

  4. I have the enchanted shadow as
    Well and I love it. I really like the job pencils you have shown and may have to try this out!

  5. girl ... you got so many amazing stuff :) lucky you !! xx

  6. I love Elf products! That baked eyeshadow is such a gorj colour.


  7. Heard so many good stuff about eld make up, but never got round to buying any but i really should do!
    The eyeshadows look amazing, plus the colour is lush.