25 May 2014

Primark Fashion Nails

Primark Fashion Nails, £1

To be completley honest with you even after hearing some amazing things about Primark nails I still didn't have the highest of hopes for these, come on, they're only a pound but they're cute and I was hoping they'd at least last for one night and serve their purpose - I have never been more wrong in my life!!

I tend to steer well clear of false nails - I think the last time I wore them was when they stuck on to your actual nail with a little sticker and flicked off at every opportunity - but how could I resist these, look at the polka dots and tiny little cat faces, I'm only human! You get 24 nails in a pack and surprisingly the majority of those were cat faces, I used 8 polka dot nails and I don't think I could even get another hand out of the remainder. The sizes of the nails were actually really good and there was only a few that needed tweeking but it was nothing that a bit of cutting and filing couldn't sort out! There is glue included but I'd read that it wasn't the best so I got an alternative (Nailene Ultra Quick - the only one I could find in Asda!) that I would definitely recommend, it dried almost instantly and the nails were stuck in place from then on, it really is amazing stuff! Once everything was stuck down I filed the nails down because they were just a little bit longer than I like mine to be and voila, there you go, the perfect pussycat nails! The only mishap I had was trying to open a box and the thumb nail chipped a little bit at the tip but I just filed that down and it was as good as new and on the day I was planning on taking them off after going on about how I have no idea how I'll ever remove them because they're still stuck down as well as they were the day I applied them one of my thumb nails pinged off (a tip for you: Blu tack sticks them on surprisingly well in case of emergency!) I think they would have lasted well beyond the week I kept them on but I'm just too impatient and wanted to paint my nails a different colour, they stayed in place, in shape and the pictures didn't fade at all. The damage to my nails was also minimal and nothing that a good buffing didn't fix.

I'm definitely going to go back for more of these nails, I am so impressed with the quality of them - if you're after some fun, temporary nails then Primark is the place you need to go!

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  1. These look so soo cute! It's a shame primark nails are always huge on me :p x