19 May 2014

OOTN #11

Top - Tesco
Trousers - River Island
Shoes- Topshop

I do apologize for being so absent in the blogging world the past week, after all the Katy Perry excitement there was another dose of excitement in my life on Tuesday when my teeny tiny baby sister was born so I've been in a little pink bubble of cuddles and tiny fingers and toes but I'm back on the band wagon now!

I wore this outfit last week when me and Joel went out for a meal and this picture was taken well before I went into a pizza coma! I don't know if you're like me but I'm always looking for 'the perfect' something and about a month ago it was the perfect printed trousers and it was only by pure chance that I stumbled across these. Our TV just happened to blow up one morning and we had to go on an emergency trip to Fosse Park to replace it (because god forbid we had to talk to each other with no background noise!) and I can't just walk past somewhere where some serious money can be spent. I love the print and the shape of them, they're really lightweight and comfy but I just wish they were a tiny bit shorter for wearing with flats in the day but that's just because I'm a short arse. I kept the rest of the outfit simple as the trousers speak for them self and paired them with my yellow cami top which I am loving being able to wear without a cardigan or coat on top and I really need to get some more colours of because they go with everything and my pointy Topshop shoes that I have now forgiven for making one of my toes numb for a whole week, how can something so beautiful do so much damage?! 

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  1. Love those trousers, you look amazing xx

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  2. My friend has those trousers and I love them.. I wanted them for myself but she had bought them before I could get my hands on them haha. You look fab and your bag is AMAZING!! xx


  3. Love this outfit!
    Them trousers really suit you! I really want to get myself some nice printed trousers :)