21 August 2014

Give a Girl The Right Shoes And Her Bank Account Will Be Empty

Topshop are absolutely smashing it at the minute with their shoes and already not being able to pass up anything with the hint of a heart on them makes these pair of gorgeous pumps even harder to resist! I usually steer clear of anything patent or pointy but these are just too cute to pass up. There's no denying that the weather is getting closer and closer towards that time when we have to drag out the tights and I always struggle to find shoes that aren't boots that look nice with them but I think that these black pumps would look adorable and they don't remind me of work shoes like most black shoes do! I love nude shoes, they literally go with everything and I've wrecked many a pair of the soft Topshop ballet pumps, chuck in a heart and I'm sold, I can see these with ankle grazing skinny jeans and a fine knit jumper now the weather is turning more autumny, pass me my debit card!

You can't tell me that these are not the perfect shoes for a beauty blogger?! I am so, so in love with these glittery pieces of heaven, the £150 price tag makes me cry a little bit though but I'm sure the happiness that every step in these would bring me is worth more than anything money could buy (this is me trying to rationalize spending this much on a pair of shoes...I think it's working) Another pair of more affordable slippers are these £9.99 (now £6, get them in your basket!) H&M pair which I really like, especially the print. I love these slipper style kind of shoes, they're comfy and look cute, I couldn't ask for more really!

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  1. The pointed nude pumps would definitely look fab with ankle grazers and a jumper, they're lovely!