3 August 2014

Monthly Favourites | July 2014

I hope that the end of July doesn't mean the end of the lovely weather that we've been having recently! This month has just flown by and has seemed to be all work and no play but I've got a week off work coming up so August should be a bit more chilled out - thank god! There's a couple of new bits in this months favorites that I don't know how I lived without and then a couple of rediscoveries that I don't know how I forgot about them!

This is AMAZING! My face has never been so clean and radiant than it has since I started using this. It gets rid of every trace of makeup that you have on your face and leaves everything so soft. I can't imagine my skin care routine without this now!

This is the perfect retro shade that looks like it's been pulled straight out of the sixties. I love these twist up lip pencils, they're so convenient and easy to use. This is such a lovely wearable shade, it will go with anything so it's perfect to chuck in your handbag and although it's a matte lip colour it's not drying at all and could even be described as creamy.

I've been using this along side the Camomile Cleanser to give me the cleanest face in Leicestershire and it works so well to get right into all those little bits of your face that you usually neglect. The bristles are so soft and I feel like it's really brightened my face up and scrubbed away all the dirt!

Illamasqua really know how to do a cream blusher, I've had this for ages but must have stored it away over the winter and it was only when I was looking for something else that I came across it again and I've been using it every day since. This shade was made for Spring/Summer and the formula is a dream, it blends perfectly and leaves a dewiness to your cheeks which is all I want when the sun is out!

How pretty is this shade?! I love the Barry M Gelly polishes, they go on so well in two coats and stay glossy and chip free for days. Sugar Apple is a gorgeous pastel turquoise and couldn't be better for these summery months!

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