5 August 2014

The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Palette in Warm

L-R: Honeycomb, Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow and Choc Chip

I seem to be having a bit of a love affair with The Body Shop at the minute! I've seen all different variations of these Shimmer cubes but after seeing swatches of the warm palette I fell a little bit in love but £16 seemed a bit steep to me and did I really need another eyeshadow palette in my life (...yes, the answer is always yes) and then £25 off £50 came along and this just happened to fall into my basket and here we are!

There are seven different Shimmer Palettes to choose from varying from green to pink, I went for warm as it was the most neutral option and I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to my eyes! I really wasn't expecting the packaging to be like it is; the shades are all in separate little plastic cubes with their own lids and then they go into a bigger plastic square which makes the quad. I think the idea behind this is if you want to just shove a couple of them in your make up bag you can and if you have more than one palette you can mix and match the little cubes to make your perfect combination. 

I did think that this was really overpriced but now I've got it I can see that you get a hell of a lot of product and It's going to take a good while for me to even make a dent in this. The four shades included in the palette compliment each other perfectly and are a neutral lovers dream! I've been using Marshmallow in the inner corner of my eye with Choc Chip in the outer corner pretty much daily since I got this and Honeycomb is perfect as an under eye liner. Even though these are called 'shimmer' cubes they're not glittery in the slightest and have more of a pretty iridescent finish to them. They apply smoothly and the pigmentation is unbelievable, I've had no creasing with them over an eyeshadow primer and I'm wearing them as I type with my contacts in and there's no irritation there either.

I could not be happier with this little quad of neutral loveliness and if the swatches have stolen your heart then I would definitely have a little splurge but if you're short on pennies The Body Shop don't usually go long without a discount code!

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  1. they look so pretty and buttery :)