11 January 2013

It's About Prime!

I got a sample of this in the How To Look The Best At Everything gift set at Christmas and was so excited to try out the holy grail of primers! I had high hopes for this little tube of miracles and once I'd put it on and didn't look like Katy Perry AFTER she'd been photoshopped I was ready to resign it to the depths of my dressing table drawer. I only persevered because my other primer had run out and braving Boots during sale time?! I don't think so, people are animals when it comes to half price Soap and Glory sets and I was not getting caught up in that. All I can say is thank god that I did because I have grown to love the Porefessional! It makes my skin so smooth and look really even and matte. I haven't got the most noticeable pores in the world anyway so I can't really pass comment on that (alright, show off!) It's been applying smoothly over foundation and I do think it's affecting the staying power of my make-up especially around my eyes that tend to get a bit creasy as the day goes on and my nose which hasn't been getting as shiny.

I got this cute gift set from Feel Unique for £18.80 which includes a full size 22ml Porefessional and a little face emulsion (that I haven't tried yet) and taking into account that the full size primer alone is usually £23.50 this is a really good deal, so if you were going to try it out now is the time! 


  1. I've wanted to buy Porefessional for so long but haven't bit the bullet yet! I've used a few drugstore primers but none have impressed so i reckon its about time I spent a bit more on a good one,
    Thanks for the post:) Following xox

  2. I would definitely recommend it, even if you're not overly porified it gives a really smooth base to work with! Thanks for following :) x

  3. I have that primer! no doubt it's the best! just found your blog, love it :) x