2 August 2013

Look Beauty Haul!

What's this, two hauls in the same week?! That can only mean one thing - pay day has finally come around! Although even if I hadn't have been paid I would have been powerless to resist the offer that popped into my inbox last weekend. Everything half price and 3 free Pout Stains if you spent £20, Look Beauty say no more you had me at half price and my debit card is at the ready!

Anything that promises to make me look bright eyed and bushy tailed I will happily put to the test and I'm fed up of living off primer samples because I haven't got around to buying a new one so this is a welcome addition to my daily routine. I've read so many good things about Look Beauty blushers and tried to steer away from my usually peachy colours when choosing this so I went for Pinch which is a dusky pink shade. Fluro is a bright orange based coral which couldn't be more perfect for this time of year, I've already got it on my toes and need to make the most of showing it off before I have to store my sandals away again!

I've been after Tangerine Cream for absolutely ages but my Superdrug doesn't stock Look Beauty and every time I've actually been somewhere that does I haven't bought it for some reason or another but now it's mine! Along with that shade I ordered Hyper Melon which is a super bright orangey red. Now I have these new lipsticks I need lips that are in tip top condition so I also ordered a Lip Smoothie to scrub away any imperfections!

And here are my three little freebies! I've never used any of these felt tip lip pens before but I've got a good selection to choose from now so I'll give them a whirl and see how it goes!

This isn't the first time that Look Beauty have done half price off everything and they usually do it in store as well as online so keep your beady little eyes peeled!

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  1. That primer looks lovely :) + those lip products are all such gorgeous shades! x



    1. I've still only tried Tangerine Cream, I need to get them on my lips ASAP! xx

  2. Ohhh the blush looks really pretty :) great haul!

    Xoxo, charlene

  3. I really held off with this offer. BUT WHYYY! :(
    You got some gorgeous item :)
    hareem x

    1. Why thank you lovely! I hope that you placed an order in the end! xx

  4. Looks great, lovely post!x