12 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | September 2014

September is a long distant memory now but this is better late then never right?! I think every time I've planned to write this post something has happened - on Wednesday me and Joel had planned to go and see Gone girl at half seven so I was ready to blog before we left but then he decided the 6:10 showing would be better... at quarter to six (the film is really good but LONG so even though I did moan about getting bundled into the car in a rush it was a better time but don't tell Joel that) on Thursday I was going to have a pamper night and write some posts up but as I was getting out of the shower I fainted and smacked my head on the towel rail on the way down so that was a night spent waiting for paramedics to come and make sure I wasn't concussed so all these plan changes have been very inconvenient and messed with my blogging time! I am now finally getting that pamper day (and I stayed conscious this time which is a bonus!) so I'm not moving until I have a few posts finished.

I discovered this eye liner completely by accident trying to make up a Superdrug order so I got free delivery and I think it's the best thing I've found in my life. ever (and that's no exaggeration!) I thought my L'Oreal liner was sent from eyeliner heaven but this blows it out of the water. It's jet black, doesn't dry up quickly, lasts all day, has the perfect tip for smooth lines and flicks and did I mention it's £2.99?!

I'm suprised there wasn't more of a fuss made for the launch of these diddy little pencils, they just seemed to come from nowhere and were a nightmare to get hold of but thank god I finally did! The shade I've been wearing the most is In With Coral which is a bright shade with a creamy long lasting consistency that dries matte. There are a number of other colours so if coral isn't your thing there's bound to be be something that is.

I've been using this weekly treatment for a while now and although my skin is going through a horrendous spell at the minute when I've used this and washed it off my skin is so soft and even though I've not found it to help with the blemishes it does brighten up my complexion. 

I know cream blusher season is coming to a close but a Boots offer has only just brought this little beauty into my life so I can't let go just yet! This applies like a dream, I love the chubby stick type packaging and the brightening peachy shade, I could not recommend this more.

Another cheek product that I love to use when I'm having a dull skin day that can perk it right up! This product definitely lives up to the packaging that it comes in and the three shades in the stripes compliment each other beautifully.

I love these little things for when I'm having bad hair days to pop on with a messy bun or a half up half down hairstyle to detract from the greasy mess that lies underneath. They are so cute that I might have to get a little collection on the go!

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  1. Great post, the Soap and Glory blush sounds lovely its very similar to the Giant Gosh Blush Sticks x
    Emma | Emmys Blog