27 October 2014

The Hunt For The Perfect Winter Boots!

You may notice a few distinct similarities between all of the above - they're black, they have a bit of a heel and gold hardware if any. I have a very specific vision for the boots that I'm after, I've got a well loved pair of flat chelsea boots and am after something a little bit smarter but still day appropriate. I'm a complete short arse and have teeny, tiny stumpy legs so I'm after a small heel just to lengthen my legs but I need to be able to walk in them still because there is nothing worse than looking like bambi on ice in a pair of heels! I don't want too much detail either, I'm not keen on boots that are covered in buckles and zips but I do like this gold plate thing that's going on with heels at the minute. So to summarize I need in my life: black boots that are plainish but metal plates on the heel are acceptable with a little chunky heel but I must be able to walk in them...I don't ask for much do I?!

Is there anywhere that I'm missing on my quest for the perfect boots, where else can I search?!

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1 comment:

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these! I like my boots to have a heel, I just don't get on with flat shoes. I'm like the opposite of a normal person, I fall over! I think the ASOS and Topshop ones are my favourite!