16 November 2014

Berlin Baby!

This is going to be more of a lifestyley type post than I usually do so if you're here for the beauty you have been warned! For Joel's birthday we spent a couple of days in Berlin because it's somewhere that he's always wanted to go, I think their love of sausages and massive tankers of beer might have factored in somewhere in that! 

We stayed in the Crowne Plaza hotel which was gorgeous and very conveniently located right next door to a massive Zara and 2 minutes down the road from H&M, Forever 21 and KaDeWe, it's a good job that I was only there for a couple of days because I could have done a lot of damage if I was let loose any longer! If you're Ever Berlin bound then I would definitely recommend staying here, it's a five minute walk away from the train station and the underground and they put a little This Works sleep solutions kit on your pillow which is too cute and something I've always wanted to try so thanks Crowne Plaza!

After we'd checked in at the hotel we had a little walk round and they were just starting to put up all of the festive decorations so it was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas (say that without singing it, I challenge you!) We had a wander around KaDaWe which is Berlins answer to Harrods and the largest department store in Europe so it's safe to say that I was in heaven especially in the beauty section and I may have made a cheeky Tom Ford purchase while I had some euros burning a hole in my pocket!



On our one and only full day we went to Berlin zoo and aquarium because when you're in a city full of history and culture why not spend the day with animals and fish?! I do love a zoo trip and this zoo was amazing, you name the animal and I saw it, the place was absolutely massive! Once we'd had our fill on furry and scaly things we had some lunch and went on the underground to the Brandenburg Gate and did some sight seeing and exploring until it got dark and that was pretty much our Berlin trip.

It's such a pretty city and I'm sad that we just missed the Christmas markets by a week or so but we had a really good few days and Joel is already planning our next trip!

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