17 November 2014

Eylure London Lash Edit

I'm not an eyelash snob but I only ever wear lashes by Eylure, why would I need to switch brands when they have so many amazing styles and anything that is good enough for Katy Perry is good enough for me! So when the lash edits were launched inspired by three of the most well known cities in the world London, Paris and New York I definitely needed one (if not all) of them in my life.

After seeing them all I knew straight away that the London edit was definitely the wardrobe that my lashes needed for the upcoming party season. I like my false eyelashes to be quite textured and natural looking while also adding length -  I know, I don't want much do I?! My all time favourite falsies that I have rebought and rebought are the Eylure 117's which are actually the middle pair of eyelashes in this little set. I love how fluttery all of these styles are and as well as being really eye opening and lash lengthening they're not too in your face. The only pair I haven't had chance to try out yet are the tops ones which I love the look of the thicker ends and can see them looking amazing with a major flick of eyeliner going on.

I think the packaging is really well thought out, they all co-ordinate with the city they're inspired by and are fastened with two little doors stuck down by velcro. Once you've got the doors open you can see your lovely lashes and there's a London quote on one side and a 'where to wear' on the other telling you which eyelashes they are if you were to buy them separately which I think is a really nice touch.

No matter how drunk I am when I'm taking them off I try to take care of my lashes and have lost count of how many times I've been able to reuse a pair of Eylure eyelashes, they are very resilient that's all I can say! I've never had any issues with the glue that's included either, once I've got my falsies on that's it and they're in place until I take them off and while they are on they're comfortable and being a contact lens wearer I've never had any irritation with the eyelashes or the glue - what's not to love?!

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