16 February 2013


Dress ♥ Primark
Shoes ♥ Zara
Watch ♥ Marc By Marc Jacobs

Please excuse the quality of this picture, I think if I made Joel take another one our relationship would have been over and also ignore the upturned make up bag, I'm like a mini tornado when I'm getting ready to go out! 

I wore this too a work party a few Saturdays ago and I thought it would be best if I stowed the twins away and lowered my hem for a refined look on an evening I was meant to be on my best behaviour (That didn't last long, believe me). You know you've got a bargain when your dress almost costs the same as your lashes, £10, yes you read that right, £10!! It's a very see through material but I wasn't too concerned anyone was going to see anything as I had the biggest control pants on the world has ever seen!! I've also got my trusty ASOS clutch to add some colour and I'm still loving that zip pocket, my ID and lipstick have never been so snug! I spent the majority of last year looking for the perfect nude shoes. I did have a beloved pair but got the heel stuck in a drain one night out and the only way to free it was to snap the heel off so that was the end of those and I never got round to filling that nude shoe shaped hole in my life. And then these appeared under the Christmas tree!! They are gorgeous, I wish I had pictured them better, they're the perfect colour, the perfect height, they're just perfect. I don't know if you can see but the platform at the front is gold which is a nice detail and makes them a little bit different, I'll be side stepping all drains in these babies!

I'm just having a quick browse of the blogosphere while my lover is getting his mop chopped and then we're off for a night in Nottingham and shopping tomorrow for Valentines take 2! Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. great dress


  2. love this dress! :) makes your figure look incredible!

    also, me and another blogger are hoping to organise a bloggers meet up in sheffield, would you be interested? if so, tweet me @lovelorax

    X X X

  3. I brought this dress yesterday, its amazing isn't it! So flattering, love the material and love the price even more!! X

  4. Love this outfit <3

    I have that ASOS bag in red I think I want it in pink too!

    Gorgeous <3


  5. awh I love this dress on you, the length makes you look really sophisticated :) x

  6. cute outfit! I love the dress, would love to see some closeup shots of your makeup and accessories :D

  7. i am LOVING midi dresses at the mo! this looks gorge on u xx

  8. Lovely outfit.. Love the dress! I nearly bought that too :) Thankyou for following me! Loving your blog too :) The design reminds me of my own style, love the background and header! :) xxx

  9. This dress looks great on you! x

  10. wow you look stunning :)


  11. Lovely outfit. I keep eyeing this dress up in Primark, but always walk straight past it. So sorry for your loss (the shoes) at least you've found the perfect replacement!

    Lindsey. x

  12. Love the dress, you look gorgeous!

    A little bit Unique


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  13. What a bargain!!! £10! and it really doesnt look it :) Fab outfit chick :)

    Siobhan xxx


  14. Thank you so much for following! Saw this dress the other day in Primark and soooo nearly bought it .... might have to take a re-vist cos you look beautiful in it! BeBeautiful xxx

  15. Hi Jade! Just have found your blog in the lots and lots of blogs and basically fell in love with it!!! You are very stylish and artistic girl!!!

    Maybe you could check out my blog and in case you like it - follow each other on bloglovin?) Please,let me know what you think about it!

  16. Love the outfit, you look stunning :)
    I would never have guessed that it was from Primark, they've had some lovely pieces in lately xx


  17. Lovely outfit, such a beautiful dress!
    I love your blog - I'm a new follower :)

  18. Thank you for all of the lovely comments girls!! xx

  19. I've been eyeing up this dress, I don't know whether to purchase it or not! It looks amazing on you! x